Targeted Marketing – Making the Most of a Short Prospect List

Most marketing companies place a lot of emphasis on advertising and acquiring as many leads as possible.  This is a great objective, as far as it goes, but several changes in the economy, technology and legal landscape make targeted marketing to a smaller, more carefully compiled list a better strategy. Last week we worked with…

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How to Network at Aviation Events

Why is it important to know how to network? Aviation is a trust-based industry, and many deals (especially most of the large-ticket transactions) are still made in person, or as a result of at least one in-person meeting. Events, like trade shows and conventions are a great opportunity to have a number of decision-makers in…

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Product Packaging – Presenting Your Product to a New Customer

Whether you sell service packages, charter flights, insurance, software, or books; the way you package and deliver your product is important for several reasons: You want your customer to feel sure that he’s made an excellent investment. You want to make sure he has everything he needs to use your product right away. You want…

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Email Broadcasts- Doing the Right Thing the Wrong Way?

Like most people, we read our email each morning with one finger poised over the “delete” button. The good news. Email is a wonderful tool. Several email providers, like Aviation Broadcast, provide an outstanding service. They do an excellent job of “getting your name out there,: and can be an excellent tool when used as part…

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What’s the best structure for a Sales and Marketing team?

We are often asked – “What’s the best structure for a sales and marketing team?” The short (and vague) answer is below. A longer (and more helpful) answer follows. The best sales and marketing team is one that is as small and inexpensive as possible, while supporting a healthy pipeline prospects that makes as many…

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If You Do What You’ve Always Done, You’ll Get What You’ve Always Got!

I’m sure you’ve heard this old saying before, but you’d be amazed how many people in the aviation industry stick with the same old tactics – Magazine ads that generate no discernible new business. Email broadcasts that garner less than a 2% click through rate (and often zero in sales revenue.) Trade show appearances that…

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Is Marketing a Capital Investment or an Operating Expense?

Let me start by saying that I’m NOT an accounting nerd, but I have a very high regard for accounting nerds like our John Williams. But, it occurs to me as people are crunching their year-end accounting calculations, they are probably designating marketing investments as “operating expenses.” What’s wrong with this? Many people take their…

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