Employee Programs for Social Media

Employee Programs for Social Media

Do you have a social media policy? You should!  Your employees have blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and naturally, they talk about their jobs.  We can help you develop a policy to add to your employee manual or as a document that can be deployed separately.

Whether or not your company has an “official” presence on the web or in the social media, your employees likely have personal pages on LinkedIn or Facebook that mention your company as their employer.  Some of those profiles may represent the company very well, others may not.   Knowing the difference allows your company to leverage one of its best resources – your employees and their social and professional connections.

The down side of all this is that an employee may, knowingly or not, represent your company in a way that is less than flattering.

We can provide an interactive, fun training session with your employees to explain how protecting and promoting the company’s image responsibly is in their own best interests.

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