You know that Search Engine Optimization is the practice of influencing how the search engines index your site, so that potential customers can find you using Google, Yahoo, AOL or Bing.

You may not know that a tiny difference in the words you use can make a big difference in the results you get.

I advise my clients to start with “easy wins,” meaning keywords that are popular but don’t have a ton of competition. We’d been doing this with Taylor Greenwood’s site, using “jet photography” which is a more specific term than a lot of the general aviation or vintage aviation photographers out there. It was popular, and best of all for a new website on the block, there wasn’t much competition!

But there comes a time to move up in the world. This month we decided to change Taylor’s target keyword to “aviation photographer,” one of the most intensely competitive (and popular!) keywords. More people search for “aviation photographer” on Google than any of the related terms.   Were we ready for the big time? Had we done enough homework?

We’ve had a couple calls in the past two days from people googling “aviation photographer” Happy to say, they found what they were looking for. Many thanks to Paula Williams for making this happen. She definitely called it during our last meeting!

Taylor’s happy, and so are we!

So, how do you figure out what the best target keywords are for your website? And what do you do to make your site show up when people search on them?

And how do you know when it’s time to change your strategy because you’ve done the groundwork to be able to compete with the “big guys” in your industry?

SEO Do it Yourself KitWe’ve made it easy with step by step workbooks and videos that explain every step of the way. You won’t be hiring fast-talking, mysterious consultants who promise SEO results without explaining any of benefits.

You won’t be mystified or in the dark about “Search Engine Voodoo,” and you won’t be spending a fortune (or anything at all, if you choose) on pay-per-click ads.

And if you’re like most of our do-it-yourself clients, you’ll be on the first page of Google within three months.

This week, we’re offering a bonus for the first five requests for the SEO Package.  For $270 to start and $49 a month, you (or your webmaster) can use the same process that I use to get front-page-of-Google-search results for ABCI’s clients. The videos and workbooks walk you through every step of the way.

And if you’re one of the first five to order this week, we’ll send you “The” Book on aviation marketing!

Now Available Read The Book on Aviation Marketing
There was no textbook for aviation marketing. What we found on the market was outdated (written before social media, blogs, and other technological advances) or was written specifically for airlines.

If are an aviation professional (insurance, tax, law, or consulting) company owner, entrepreneur, or marketing professional and if you sell an aviation product, this book is for you.

Of course, if you’d rather have a professional do the work for you,  Full-Service Search Engine Optimization Consulting is available starting at $2000 and $79 per month (rates depend on number of keywords we’re optimizing for, and how much competition exists for them.)

If you order either package (Do It Yourself or Full Service Consulting) by end of day Friday, October  15, we’ll make sure you get your free copy of the Flight Plan book. We only have five on hand, so you might need to wait a bit if you’re not one of the first five orders, but we’ll get one to you.

Note – You may cancel your subscription at any time, but the book (a $17.50 value)  is yours to keep.
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