Paula Williams, Marketing Consultant

We help companies in the Aviation industry make more sales.

Here’s how:

Aviation Business Consultants International, Inc. (ABCI) has been in business since 2005. Our specialty is Long Cycle MarketingSM.  This style of marketing is particularly effective in the aviation industry; as well as other large-ticket, high-trust or complex products and services.   Long Cycle Marketing is characterized by a systematic approach that includes an incentive for targeted prospective clients to “opt in” based on an informational incentive (usually a free white paper, report or ebook.)


In exchange for high-quality information the prospect then begins a cycle of progressive, long-term, low-key, low-cost and educational contacts using a mixture of media, including social media, direct mail, email and other methods as determined based on the demographics of the target prospect.  Long Cycle Marketing is designed to position our client as the knowledgeable expert and source of information on the topic, as opposed to being viewed as a salesperson or vendor.  The prospect is thus moved further along the sales process.  After the sale takes place, Long Cycle Marketing continues to nurture the relationship so that testimonials, referrals and resells become a natural consequence.

Of course, this whole process depends on publishing interesting, high-quality, relevant content that your customers enjoy reading or viewing.  We produce excellent articles, podcasts, and video to educate your customers and prospective customers about the unique value you bring to the table.

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For a more detailed explanation of Long Cycle Marketing, download our eBook. 

To have us create a custom marketing system outline for your company, see Working with ABCI

ABCI’s exclusive Long Cycle Marketing process is available in three service levels, designed to meet the needs and budgets of different clients.

Our Light Aircraft Marketing Program is a budget-friendly, low-cost option in which our client’s team does much of the content development with our training and coaching.  The TurboProp Marketing Program is for larger, more sophisticated clients who prefer to outsource some components of their marketing system to us and collaborate on others.  The Business Jet Marketing Program is a full-service, white glove service level in which ABCI assumes the responsibility for the achievement of our clients’ marketing objectives.

ABCI provides instruction for aviation professionals in our professional course, the aviation marketing Master Class.