||A Revolutionary Idea – Advanced Pilot Training in High-Performance Aircraft

A Revolutionary Idea – Advanced Pilot Training in High-Performance Aircraft

Press Release

A Revolutionary Idea –
Advanced Pilot Training in High-Performance Aircraft

October 10, 2012

Mojave, CA

Flight simulators are a very popular and cost-effective option for training pilots. However, lack of experience in the actual aircraft can have its limitations. Between 1999 & 2008 there were 32 accidents and over 2000 fatalities from these accidents. The most common cause of fatal accidents was loss of control of the aircraft.

Properly trained pilots can recognize and properly recover a loss of control incident.  Training pilots to recover from unusual attitudes, spins and stalls in high performance aircraft, including jets and turbine aircraft is a specialty of Flight Research, Inc.
Flight Research is offering a white paper that had been presented at a Bombardier Safety Stand Down. Visitors to their website can download “The Flight Envelope – What Every Professional Needs to Know to Survive an Upset” by Shawn C. Roberts.  To obtain the free white paper, visit http://unusualattituderecovery.com/info/  and enter your contact information.
Instructors are all former military flight instructors with thousands of hours of experience.  Some are also former astronauts, test pilot school graduates, combat veterans and test pilot school instructors.


Aircraft used include the MB-326 jet trainer, Sabreliner, DHC-1 Chipmunk, T-67 Firefly and NDN-IT Turbine Firefly.


The course duration is 2 to 4 days depending on customer requirements and can usually be done over a weekend at our training facility in Mojave, CA.


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Flight research gives pilots experience with spins and stalls in high-performance aircraft


About Flight Research

Flight Research is an aerospace company active in the advanced flight training and flight test world since its founding in 1981.  With a fleet of more than 35 aircraft ranging from supersonic fighters to single & twin turbo aircraft, piston engine aircraft & helicopters Flight Research business focus is in three separate but interrelated areas: Advanced Flight Training; Flight Test Services; and Defense Contractor Services.


Flight Research can be found on the web at:

Web – http://www.FlightResearch.com

Blog – http://UnusualAttitudeRecovery.com

RSS Feed – http://UnusualAttitudeRecovery.com/feed/

Facebook – Facebook.com/pages/Flight-Research-Inc
Twitter – Twitter.com/AttitudeRecover

LinkedIn –LinkedIn.com/company/2745250

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  1. Avatar
    Julie Tizard October 23, 2012 at 12:52 am - Reply

    Do you have any CFIs in the T-67 Firefly? I am interested in stall/spin/acrobatic training in the Firefly.

    • Avatar
      Paula Williams October 23, 2012 at 1:00 pm - Reply

      Julie- Flight Research owns and operates the following aircraft. To discuss specific programs, please contact Bill Korner at 661-824-4136

      Jet Aircraft
      • Aermacchi MB326M Impala
      • Saab J/SK-35XD Draken
      • Sabreliner 60
      Propeller Aircraft
      • Aermacchi AM-3 Bosbok
      • Beech 76A Duchess
      • Beech 35 Bonanza and Beech 33 Debonair
      • Cessna 150/152
      • Cessna Conquest II 441
      • Cherokee Piper PA-28-140
      • Cirrus SR-22
      • DeHavilland DHC-1 Chipmunk
      • DeHavilland DH-140 Dove
      • Fairchild SA-226T Merlin III
      • Firecracker
      • Bell 212 / UH-1N
      • Bell OH-58C Kiowa
      • Bolkow BO105M
      • Hughes 369 Cayuse
      • Sikorsky S-55 Chickasaw

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