Whether your product is an actual, physical object, or a service, or a set of services (like our consulting services,  or our Marketing Master Class)  unpacking the boxit’s important to understand that your customer wants to know EXACTLY what they’re getting before they part with their cash.

That’s only fair, right?

We like to create a welcome package for every product or service, and an “unpacking the box” video that shows exactly what comes with the product or service they’ve purchased, and how to use it.

We put together this short (8 minute) video to show prospective and current Master Class Silver Level members what to expect in the mail in January.

If you’re interested in the Master Class, we’ll be talking in February about attractive packaging for your products and services; and if you join before January 31, 2014 you receive the free storage binder and other goodies you see in the video.

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If you’re interested in talking with us about producing a welcome package or a video for your product or service soon, click here to find an open time on our calendar and let’s talk!