Many people think of LinkedIn as an online resume service or job-hunting tool, both of which are definitely worthwhile LinkedIn Basics.

It can also be used as a powerful marketing platform, especially for the complex, high-touch business aviation market.

Our LinkedIn Webinar on Wednesday will be covering some very advanced techniques and exceedingly powerful ways to use LinkedIn, but we WON’T be covering the basics for first-time LinkedIn users.  We only have an hour, and want to make sure it’s a great use of time for everyone that joins us. We asked in the registration form about the experience level of attendees, and have found that most attendees are fairly sophisticated users and have a fairly high degree of proficiency with it.

So, we’re “taking it up a notch” with the course.

New to LinkedIn?   Coming to the Webinar?  

No worries, but to get the most out of the session we suggest you brush up on the basics first.

Here’s the “official” LinkedIn 101 tutorial:

You may find the audio too low.  If that’s the case, here’s another good basic tutorial, the narrator has a charming Swedish accent.

linkedin basics

Specific examples from the aviation industry will be used in Wednesday’s Webinar, and we will discuss different methods to use LinkedIn for marketing purposes.

Ten Things Aviation Professionals Should Do with LinkedIn –

  1. Find new prospects for your product or service.
  2. Connect with people you need to know in a way they respect.
  3. Research your competition and refine your competitive advantage.
  4. “Do your homework” before a networking event, important meeting or sales call.
  5. Follow up after a networking event, important meeting or sales call.
  6. Find thought leaders in your area of expertise to connect with.
  7. Get found when people are looking for your particular product or service.
  8. Obtain more publicity for your website or blog.
  9. Obtain more followers on your other social media sites.
  10. Establish your credibility as a thought leader in your area of expertise.

Most Master Class sessions are Members Only, but everyone is welcome to this special session!

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