jet transition course 2APG is excited to announce that we now offer a Jet Transition Simulator Course – the SimPilot Airline Bridge Program.

This exciting and very affordable opportunity puts private pilots immediately into the cockpit of an actual B737 NG fixed based simulator at the Kissimmee Airport near Orlando Florida.

This training is valid for IFR instrument proficiency and includes key airline oriented topics such as checklist usage and theory, crew coordination, threat and error management, glass cockpit integrated with FMS familiarization, and jet airlines handling characteristics and much more.

Pilots will be trained by certified B737 airline pilots who will better prepare them for real life situations associated with line operations.

After completing the 14 day program they will have a better understanding and knowledge of what it takes to be an Airline Professional, while building the confidence to tackle whatever situation might come your way in the cockpit.

The airline pilot shortage has airlines looking to well-trained and well-prepared private pilot candidates for some job openings, and many airlines have strong training and crew development programs.

For pilots looking to separate yourself above the rest for future employers, the SimPilot Airline Bridge Program is the best Jet Transition Simulator Course and a giant step in the right direction.

SimPilot Jet Aircraft Bridge Program

  • Ground School $1,500/enrollee (min class of 6)
  • B737NG AFTD $2,500/enrollee (min pairing of 2)
  • We’ll find you the classmates or crewmates, or pilots can form their own groups of teammates.

Additional currucula and dry lease hours in the simulator are also available – let us know what you need!

For private pilots ready to take their career to the next level,  Airline Pilot Gateway has training, mentoring programs, and counseling with airline pilots to help them find the best opportunities.

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