Helicopter Pilot Training ChecklistFinding the right flight instructor is important for the success of any future helicopter pilot. The student’s future career, personal safety, and a significant chunk of money is in the hands of the instructor or school when a student learns to fly, especially a helicopter!


Unfortunately, many aspiring pilots begin taking lessons after simply seeing one advertisement or attending one open house.


According to AOPA and General Aviation News, 80% of student pilots drop out of training each year before earning their private pilot rating.


Why is the dropout rate so high?


Often, it is because the school or instructor failed to provide a structured program, is a poor fit for the student’s needs, or the training is not of the quality that the student expected.


Many of these problems can be prevented with a bit more due diligence on the part of the flight student. But many flight students are new to the industry and may not know many pilots that can assist with their research.   They aren’t sure how to objectively evaluate the options available to them, and may not even know what questions they should ask in the process.


Kevin Kahl of 11th Dimension Helicopters, together with ABCI, an aviation marketing consulting company, has compiled a checklist that aspiring helicopter pilots can use to evaluate training opportunities to find the one that fits their needs.


The checklist can be downloaded free from http://11thDimensionHelicopters.info


About 11th Dimension Helicopters


Kevin Kahl has over 35 years of flying and training helicopter pilots for their Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI and CFII ratings. His company, 11th Dimension Helicopters, uses the tagline “Adapting Infinitely to Your Needs” because he specializes in adapting custom training and programs for each situation. He has been recommended many times by other helicopter instructors to help solve specific learning problems for individual students. Flying out of the Whiteman Airport in the Los Angeles area, 11th Dimension also provides highly customized professional aerial photography, surveying construction project reports, and other specialized helicopter work.


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