January Goal 2018 - Aviation ProspectingProspecting for Aviation Industry Buyers

We focus on one marketing topic each month. If you follow along, you’ll find that by the end of the year you’ve made 12 powerful improvements in your sales and marketing in 2018!

Our January focus is aviation prospecting.

The advantages to a full pipeline full of qualified prospects are many. An MRO organization, FBO, component manufacturer, software developer, insurance agent or other aviation company or professional with a full pipeline can:

  • Focus on serving customers that are the best possible fit, rather than just any customer with a pulse and a checkbook.
  • Charge a premium price for products and services because a healthy number of buyers is in the sales process at any given time.
  • Wait for the opportunity to be right. Aviation transactions are often complex and have many people involved, so they happen slowly.  If we have a healthy pipeline of prospects at different stages of the sales process, we aren’t always pushing to “close the deal.”
  • Project revenue next month, next quarter, and next year, based on the number of prospects in the pipeline.
  • Invest with confidence in infrastructure, personnel, and customer service because of those projections.

Aviation Prospecting WorksheetSo, how do you fill your pipeline with qualified prospects?

Here’s a worksheet to help you evaluate your prospecting activities from last year and help you make good decisions for this year!

Download the worksheet, and run a report from your CRM (or Customer Relationship Management System)  and go through it with your sales and marketing team as you make your plans for 2018.

Don’t have a CRM?  Go back through your revenue sources as you put spreadsheets together for your taxes. If you remember (or can guess) how each customer found you, you have a great start in making decisions about what worked and what didn’t last year.

If you don’t have this data, your goal for 2018 is to obtain it!

Make a practice of asking each new customer how they found you.  Then you’ll know which of your current aviation prospecting activities is working, (and you should do more!) and which are not working.

If you’re starting from scratch, many people ask us whether to use traditional prospecting methods or digital prospecting methods – the reality is that most of our customers interacted with several of our prospecting methods before eventually becoming customers, so it’s difficult to say which method actually made them pull out their credit card or their pen to write the check.

As with most large or complex transactions, we find that it takes several interactions, or several prospecting activities, to motivate a customer to finally take action.  Having a great array of powerful marketing activities adds a stability to your pipeline and take advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of different parts of the industry.

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