Two things you already know:

1- You and your team could benefit from better sales skills AND
2- You’re relying more on digital marketing and social media than ever!

Our Aviation Sales Basics Course is our popular, intensive 12 week course. We make you work hard for 3-5 hours a week, but as you do, you will develop the skills, habits and tribe of people you need to help you succeed.


Activities we do in the Aviation Sales Basics Course:

  • Build your Top Ten List of you most ideal prospects.
  • Map out strategy and approaches for each prospect.
  • Role play approaches
  • Strategize and role play objection handling
  • Build and role play a sales presentation
  • Build a sales system and pipeline.

Our Social Media Workshop (which you get as a bonus!)

Everything is done on your own time (completely virtual workshop, but interactive – you get as much feedback and assistance as you like via assignments and forums.)

  • You build 12 weeks of social posts using Canva Pro templates (3 month subscription included) and our outlines and worksheets.
  • You learn what to post, when to post, how to build an audience and engagement.
  • You learn how to test, measure and improve your results

So, the three reasons you should enroll before midnight on Monday, November 30?

  1. This is the only aviation-industry specific sales and marketing program we know about.
  2. You get early access to course materials and first choice of class times.
  3. You save $579

Are you in?

Offer ends at midnight, November 30, 2020

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