Not one of our best technically-produced episodes, and a great example of things we need to fix when we take our “show on the road!”

John, Mickey and Paula discuss the 12 Month Digital Marketing Planner by Brandon Breshears, planners in general, and general craziness.



Michael Gamonal: All right, so let us turn it and burn it.


So, my name is Michael Gamonal. I am the owner of Gamonal Tutors. I recently created my ASVAB Domination Pro Booklet. You can get your copy today on It is pretty sweet. It is going to cover your main four subjects, Math Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning, Paragraph Comprehension, and Word Knowledge. Also, you will see bonuses in the front throughout the whole thing, Skills Checklist, Mindset Worksheets, Word Bank List, Practice and Explanation, and some other stuff. I also want to express my appreciation to YouTube for helping me to make it. So, hop online to get it today!

Paula Williams: Fantastic! You are very welcome. It was a pleasure to work with it. I think everything will benefit from a book like that. To be honest, every company should have some kind of Onboarding book or a Catalog, or a “This is how we do things here,” or “This is our mission, “This is how you fit into it,” that kind of thing, but maybe that is extensive. It is what you have done and what you have got. An actual education program in paper form that, I think, any company would be more legitimate if they have that. So anyway, Paula Williams of ABCI, and we help aviation companies sell more of their products and services. And if you need a booklet, our website, [inaudible], or a catalog or anything else. That is what we do for aviation companies and, occasionally, ASVAB as tutors as well.

Michael: I could vouch to that. It may not be as good as it was.

Michael: That is what you need, you know what I mean. You need that version. Go ahead.

John: I work for ABCI also, but I do the back-end stuff having to do finances on data bases in IT and that kind of thing. I also do the business consulting on the occasion that we get clients that thought they wanted marketing, end up needing business consulting.

Paula: Right.

Michael: Very cool. So, let us jump in to the book. And you guys are a marketing company. So, you guys are marketing consultants. You guys kick ass at marketing. I am going to start with you guys because you have a lot more experience as far as marketing goes. Go ahead and tell me your – We will start with mom and over to John, what did you think of the book?

Paula: Okay. Well, first of all, I am going to give a little bit of explanation. I keep hearing weird noises or anything like that. We are staying at a fabulous French house in Galveston, actually. I am going to show you, and at the window that you see above John right now, looking out over Kemah Bay, which is next to Galveston. So, it is very pretty, but the sound maybe a little less than what you expect.

John: I will show him now.

Paula: Okay.

John: This is out the window in front of me. As a matter of fact, there is a cruise ship out there now coming in the port. Probably, you cannot see because it is behind the wood rail.

Michael: Yes, I think we have to use our imagination for the cruise ship. We can see the fence and the water looks really nice.

Paula: It is a cloudy day today. Anyway, about the book, this is absolutely from the veterinary profession. Right? I mean we take stuff from everywhere we can get and there is no book about, you know, that is a planner like this that I have found anywhere. This was the best one that I could find looking at all of the reviews on Amazon. Every burns and of all we go to, I look at all of the business books, especially the marketing and social media books. This is the only thing that I could find that was anywhere close to what it was. And I did not want to build one, we might build one in the next year or two, but we do [inaudible].

Michael: You guys are on the same Wi-Fi, right?

Paula: We are on the same way Wi-Fi.

John: Yes.

Michael: Okay. It is just once in a while mom you will freeze and John will keep going, so I do not know. But it is all right, say it again. Go ahead.

Paula: That is okay. We will keep it short today and then just do the best we can to edit it together. Anyway, this is the closest that I have found to something like what I wanted to build and I did not have time to do. But there are some weird examples in here like “How many animals do they have and what kinds of animals do they have?” And stuff that gives it away. So, this is written by a veterinarian talking to other veterinarians about how to sell their veterinary services. Brandon Breshears, the host of The Veterinary Marketing Podcast and the owner of the Maverick Digital Marketing. It is written definitely for the veterinarians, but still so much better than nothing.

John: Actually, good, high level plan for Marketing.

Paula: So, have used it on, have you looked through it or any of these useful for you as a start-up?

Michael: So, as a start-up, my biggest concern with this is that it is a little bit open, right? Like it is created for veterinarians. So, I mean, I am happy that it does not tell me how to sell nail clipping or whatever vets do, I mean, vets do a lot of stuff. I am happy that it does not push me towards the direction that I am not going. But I definitely think, a little bit more specificity as far as like tags. I think more information like a hashtag guide. Because I was kind of struggling that come up with stuff. What I do like is, in the military, they call it the BLUF, the “bottom line up front,” because the very first pages are all about like, where you at, where you want to be, where you at, where you want to be, and then each week, where you at, where you want to be. Each month, where you at, where you want to be. That is the one thing I have noticed, if you do not know where you are going, there is no freaking way to get there. So, I like the that. That part, I like a lot. But I wish there was a little bit more guidance. Like me, in my booklet, I have the same thing, like fill in this blank box with your mindset about whatever. But I have a little bit example sentence like, “This is an example sentence. This could be how you feel about this.” I think that will go a long way towards making this book a little bit more accessible, at least in my case. But again, as you said, it is better than nothing by a lot, by a long shot. It is very cool because it will organize your thoughts. You just need some time to think them clearly. It does not help you solidify your ideas as much, but it will help you to write them down, like you should have an idea here. You do not know what the idea is, but you should have one right here. I think that is a benefit. I would say three for five, just for where am at. I think next year, it would be a four out of five. A year after that, it would be a five out of five. Because I would know what to put in each box. But as of where I am at right now, it is about fifty-fifty shot. It is helpful, but not as helpful as it could be.

Paula: Right. To that end, like on the headline formulas, that is another thing, there is no page numbers, which makes me crazy. You are helping someone work through this. Okay, this is actually page four, but there is no page four, so count four pages in here you are, the headline formulas. What I did –

Michael: Absolutely. If it is a planner, it should have, you would think they would have numbers. Right? You are trying to organize your thoughts, you should probably organize your pages. I agree with that wholeheartedly. I do not want to bash it too much.

Paula: My gosh. Yes.

Michael: Go ahead.

Paula: With the headline formulas, these do not even have headline formulas. These are copywriting formulas. And it is just a description before after bridge.

John: They are what?

Michael: Those are copywriting formulas, you said?

Paula: Yes. These are not even headline formulas. These are Copywriting formulas. You could use these for anything. You could use these for a letter, a sales letter. You could use these for an Ad, for a Facebook Ad, Google Ad, for anything. It is a mind trigger or a copywriting technique. If you know what those copywriting techniques are, this is incredibly useful because you are walking through this going, “Okay. Oh, yes, I could use that here.” But if you do not know what those copywriting formulas are, it is useless. So, what we did in our course, in our marketing, planning, strategy, and so forth courses. We referred to this. But then we said, if you do not know what a copywriting formula is, use this page. We sent it to a website that had all of those copywriting formulas. So, it is a great reference, but it is not intended to be an instructional book. It is sure it has current headline formulas. So, I think they are being a little too non-specific like, university teacher would have gone kind of nuts over this and said, this is not correct, but it is helpful.

Michael: And it is in the book now. It does not matter because it looks right. Yes, I can see what you are saying here. Because headline formulas versus copy – That is where it needs to be specific. That is where it cannot be of use. You need to know what you are doing. If you do not know what you are doing from this book, it is not as useful as it could be.

Paula: Right.

John: Yes, try those borderline books where, if you know what you are doing, it is good. But if you know what you are doing, why do you need it?

Michael: Good point.

Paula: No, if you know what you are doing, then it is a great reference. Because you write all of your own stuff in here and then you have to hold yourself accountable to it. Then you really do what you said you are going to do and then the next month, did you really do what you said you are going to do. And the next month.

John: So, it is an accountability book then.

Paula: I think so, more than anything else.

Michael: Yes, this will hold you to it.

Paula: Yes, like you were saying. But what we did in the course, is we did a short video, we took screenshots of what we wrote in here for our company. I think that will make it a little bit more useful for people because they can see, here is an explanation, here is an example, now here is your page. So, you go forth and do.

Michael: So, you made it a new product using this product?

Paula: We did what the DJs do, free sampling, right?

Michael: Cool! What else… Let me see. With the hashtag thing, I feel like that is really important because I did take an Instagram course within the last three months and I know hashtags do bring in more business. Because if you are bored at work and you are scrolling through Instagram, you might accidentally hashtag aviation because you have, you know, that kind of thing does happen. So, hashtags, I think, are great. I think knowing the number of followers you want is great. I like that there is a landing page suggestion and then, of course, the ideal plan avatar. That is something that every single business class I have been through [inaudible] has said, “figure out who your ideal client is and to the specific level that this shows. Of course, through the number of pet, it is probably not as relevant for aviation nor for myself. However, it is pretty relevant to get inside of the heads of your ideal client, figure out where they are consuming their information. Because really, at the end of the day, they want to work with you, right? Your ideal client is not someone who does not want to work with you. If they are, you probably a collection agency or something, something [inaudible]. But ideally, your ideal client is someone who is like dying to give you money hand over fist because you are going to solve their problem. So, I think that is something that is often overlooked more often than it should be. I could overlook that seven days a week. I forget about who I am working for because I am like, oh, I need to get more views, more likes, more subscribers.

Paula: So, if you’re old school and you want to have something that is tangible that you can put your hands on, that has all of your goals and objectives and everything else and this invariable. Otherwise, it is going to be frustrating.

Michael: Great. Good, good. Fine, it works. John, do you agree or disagree?

John: Yes. I mean, I cannot prank call on what she said, not this time anyway.

Michael: Yes, I agree with Paula.

Paula: Great! There is also agreement today. I mean, I need to go start bringing up something more controversial. I had opinion!

Michael: No, I think you are right. It is helpful for some, not as helpful for others, a hundred percent. Cool! Let us sign off. My name is Mickey Gamonal, ASVAB Domination through Gamonal Tutors. You can find me on Facebook, on TikTok, on Instagram. I am doing a booklet give away within the next two weeks. So, go ahead, like and tag a brand who needs ASVAB help and we will see if you can win free booklet. That is a hundred-dollar value that you could get for free. So, Gamonal Tutors on Instagram.

Paula: Fantastic!

Michael: Go ahead, mom.

Paula: I think we should do a giveaway of our Strategy Planning and Budget Workshop which features this book heavily. Like us on the Facebook or Instagram and tag a brand who need to be more organized whether they are new in aviation or elsewhere. Give somebody a free pass to that class.