So, we typically do marketing to sell aviation products and services. But in the last two years, we’ve also been engaged to help companies find and retain great employees.

Here’s what we’ve learned. A lot of turnover happens because people feel like they aren’t properly trained, supported and engaged.

And many great future employees may weigh the decision about whether to join one organization or another on the training and career path provided.

Frustration happens – about topics you never thought you needed to provide training!

It happens on our team as well – someone will tell me 

“How was I supposed to know that? Nobody ever told me that!”

Soooooo  . . . here’s what we do about it.




0:00:00 – Welcome

0:00:11 – We’re continuing with topics that apply to the bigger companies, but hey, this is golden advice for anyone and everyone. Especially focusing on the game-changers: education and career development.

0:00:51 – Some large organizations have fancy leadership programs interns or leadership candidates hop from one department to another? We think there’s a magic in that for everyone, not just the big guys.

0:00:55 – Imagine a mini version for your sales and marketing team. Imagine the insights and the empathy they could gain! From content creators to sales folks.

0:01:32 – And let’s be real, we’ve all heard the grumbles – sales vs. marketing. But walking a mile in each other’s shoes? That’s a game changer.

0:02:28 – Plus, we’re all about learning here at ABCI. We’ve worked with partners to create complete courses certified for continuing education by PMI and the FAA, so we’re no stranger to education.

0:03:20 – And it’s not just off-the-shelf stuff; we’re talking tailor-made workshops that will transform your team into a sales and marketing powerhouse.

0:04:11 – Picture this: your newbie completes their learning journey in the first 90 days. How cool is that?

0:04:15 – Suddenly, everyone’s speaking the same language, and the gears are turning in perfect harmony. Pure magic!

0:04:28 – And let’s not forget the retention part – how this all feeds into everyone’s career journey.

0:05:00 – It’s about clear goals, clear progress, and yes, that sweet feeling of success.

0:05:38 – Alright, that’s enough wisdom for today! Thanks for hanging out with us, and we can’t wait to see you next week.