Whats In Your Toolbox? This is NOT John’s workshop – which is too messy at the moment for photos, but you get the idea!

A great mechanic, even an amateur one, has a lot of tools. He may have a few favorites, but he insists that it takes a variety of tools to do a job well.  Each part of a job may require its own special tools. Just ask my charming husband, John. He has a tool bench that runs the length of one side of our garage with a big butcher-block top on it and lots of cabinets underneath. He has a big red toolbox stacked on top of another big red toolbox on wheels. He still visits Home Depot and the local auto shop regularly to learn more about tools, upgrade the ones he’s got, and learn how to use them better.

Even though he takes our cars to mechanic he knows and trusts, (and of course he has a great A & P mechanic for the aircraft)  he insists on knowing how to repair things himself and working on his own projects from time to time.

A great marketing professional, business owner or manager who is responsible for marketing, also has a lot of tools. He may have a few favorites, but it takes a variety of tools to create a powerful marketing system.

By popular demand, we’re assembling a one-stop shop for all of the marketing tools you’ll need to create a successful marketing system. If you need some assistance with planning and strategy, download our free ebook or sign up for the Marketing Master Class.

Once you know what tools you need, you can find them here. Of course, you can also outsource marketing tasks to ABCI.

We’ve divided the marketing tools we recommend into three (hopefully familiar!) phases-

  • Prospecting – These tools get the attention of new potential customers and clients
  • Pre-sales – These tools are used to keep contacts and prospective clients interested, and to close more sales
  • Post-sales – These tools get referrals, testimonials and repeat sales from existing customers

We’ll be writing more about these in upcoming Toolbox Thursday articles.

We don’t recommend any tools unless we’ve successfully used them ourselves and can vouch for them.  Many of these providers are partners to ABCI and we have affiliate agreements with them.  In any case, if you have any issue with any of them, let us know and we’ll do our best to make sure you’re satisfied as well.

Prospecting Tools

If you need to get new customers from scratch, we’ve found these tools very helpful for getting the attention of prospective clients.

Pre-Sales Tools

We recommend a long cycle of low key contacts to stay connected and in the front of customers’ minds once you have made initial contact. Keep your “drip campaign” running until prospective customers make the decision to take the next step with you or request more information. Here are some tools for your long cycle marketing (“slow drip”) approach:

Post-Sales Tools

Customers who have already made a purchase can be your least expensive and most lucrative source of referrals, repeat business, and testimonials. Use these tools as the driving force for your sales process!

Overall Strategy & Assistance

Need help putting it all together? Our Marketing Master Class is designed for aviation professionals to sharpen marketing skills – we cover one topic per month, such as LinkedIn, Trade Shows, or Prospecting, and cover that topic in depth. Of course we also provide “Done-For-You” marketing services – ABCI’s Marketing Service Packages.

Have a great time shopping!