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July 2018

  • Article - Five Essential Stories Aviation Brands Must Tell

AMHF 0139 – Five Essential Stories Every Aviation Brand Must Tell

A great aviation brand is about more than just logos and colors – it’s also about the stories we tell.

In […]

  • Article - How Good Graphics Help You Sell

AMHF 0138 – How Good Graphics Help You Sell More Stuff

Why are good graphics important?

Because it’s hard to earn the attention of busy people.
It’s hard to resist a […]

  • benjamin-franklin-9301234-2-402

An Independence Day Story

The United States of America has a LOT going for it.

Having traveled extensively in Europe, India, and the Middle East, […]

  • Article - How to Tell A Story

AMHF 0137 – How to Tell A Story

There are three reasons you need to know how to tell a story.

It’s hard to earn the attention of […]

June 2018

  • Planning Memorable Aviation Events

AMHF 0135 – Planning Memorable Aviation Events

Why host aviation events?

Mark Cuban says – “I don’t bet on the company, or even on the idea – I […]

  • Social Media Habits for Salespeople

#Follow Friday – Social Media Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople

With a hat tip to Stephen Covey, this was just a bit ahead of his time!

This is how I fit […]

Book Club Discussion – Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance

Book Club Discussion – Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance

We liked it more than we thought we would – quite entertaining, […]

  • How to sell aviation art at a trade show

AMHF 0133 – How to Sell Aviation Art at a Trade Show

We had a question from Nate, (not his real name) who is an artist that will be showing aviation art […]

May 2018

  • Free Webinar - Sales Management Essentials

Aviation Sales Management Essentials

  • GDPR and Aviation Marketing

GDPR – Three Ways to Make it Easier for Aviation Companies

GDPR is the latest in a long history of regulatory, security and strategic changes that means website and email marketing […]

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