Aviation marketing digital marketing product

Buyers are checking you out online.  Are they finding what they should?

Digital marketing is a way for small companies to use big data to target your ideal customers like never before. We use social media, retargeting and other technologies to present your ads, posts and content to the right people online!

Aviation marketing content marketing product

People Avoid Advertising. But they seek out information!

In a world that is increasingly saturated with advertising, aviation customers want and respect well-researched, expertly crafted articles that tell stories, explain products, and help them make intelligent decisions.

Aviation marketing brand refresh product

Great brands continually reinvent themselves!

Is your current brand resonating with today’s customers?   Has your business (or the times!) changed so that your brand is no longer serving you as well as it could?

Aviation marketing website refresh product

Get found online, and connect with people who matter!

There are many ways to build a website these days. But does your website get found by the right people, illustrate why you’re the best option for the job, and capture their contact information?  If not, your website isn’t working as hard as you are!

Aviation marketing postccards

What is the most effective way to prospect for new customers?

Postcards are up to three times more effective than email marketing and they make a great first impression!

Aviation marketing lead magnet product

A Done-for-You “Call to Action!”

It’s not enough to have people visit your website. You need to give them a reason to take the next step!

Aviation marketing SEO product

Get found on the web by aviation decision makers!

When customers are looking for a specific solution fast, they use Google and the Internet. Will they find your company, or your competitors.  One more question – does your SEO specialist speak the language of aviation?

Aviation marketing personal branding program

Everything starts with a first impression. How good do you look online?

Most purchasing managers look up a salesperson before they agree to meet with him or her. They may use Google, or Facebook, or your company website for your personal profile. But most times, they start with LinkedIn.

Does your online image accurately represent the “real thing?”

Aviation marketing podcast program

An unprecedented marketing opportunity – and all you have to do is talk!

It’s hard to get the attention of prospective customers.  But imagine getting them to see you as a respected authority, and listen voluntarily to you every week!   That’s what our podcasting clients enjoy.