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August 2017

  • Book Club - New Rules of Marketing and PR

AMHF 0093 Book Club Discussion – The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Kathryn Creedy, John Williams and I discuss David Meerman Scott’s book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

Specifically, we talk […]

July 2017

  • Great aviation sales pros - Book Club - Charisma Myth

Are Great Aviation Sales Pros Just Born That Way? AMHF 0089 – Book Club Discussion – The Charisma Myth

Are Great Aviation Sales Pros Just Born That Way?
AMHF 0089 – Book Club Discussion – The Charisma Myth
John and I […]

June 2017

AMHF 0087 – Aviation Consulting Sales with Hal Stephens of Sapphire Aviation Solutions

Today we have a special guest, Hal Stephens. Now, there are a lot of aviation consultants out there that provide […]

May 2017

  • Book Club Discussion - Tribes

AMHF 0083 – Book Club Discussion – Tribes by Seth Godin

One of the best ways to apply new ideas to your marketing is to be a voracious reader, and our […]

April 2017

AMHF 0079 – Aviation Software Marketing – Ken VeArd and the Pilot Partner App

Our Insiders are the smartest people in the aviation industry – so we like to introduce them to each other, […]

  • Book Club - Content that Converts

AMHF 0078 – Book Club Discussion – Content that Converts by Laura Hanly


We’ve been so fortunate to have great authors come on the podcast – Shashank Nigam who wrote SOAR, the famous […]

March 2017

  • Aviation Book Club - Evergreen

AMHF 0074 – Book Club Discussion – Evergreen- Customer Loyalty by Noah Fleming

In this episode, John and I talk about he book Evergreen by Noah Fleming.

“Cultivate the enduring customer loyalty that keeps […]

February 2017

Three benefits of book clubs!

Three benefits of book clubs – five minute video


Good morning, I’m Paula Williams and welcome to Marketing Monday from ABCI. […]

AMHF 0070 – Book Club Discussion – SOAR Airline Marketing with Author Shashank Nigam

We were thrilled that author Shashank Nigam joined us live for the panel discussion, which made this MUCH more interesting!

We […]

  • Aviation Brochures

AMHF 0069 – Appallingly Boring Aviation Brochures, And How to Avoid Them

Most aviation brochures are appallingly boring.  Don’t spend valuable advertising budget printing glossy brochures that don’t have a chance of […]

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