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February 2018

Book Club Discussion – Blue Ocean Shift

In this episode, John and I discuss our experience of reading the book, Blue Ocean Shift by W Chan Kim […]

January 2018

AMHF 0113 – Book Club Discussion – The Impact Equation

John and I discuss Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s book, The Impact Equation, and what aviation sales and marketing professionals […]

November 2017

  • How to choose an Aviation Marketing Company

How to Choose an Aviation Marketing Company That Will Actually Help You Make Sales

If you’re looking for assistance selling products or services in the aviation industry, you might first consider – do you […]

  • Social Media Marketing for Aviation Software

Electronic Logbook Solution Benefits from Social Media Marketing

Electronic Logbook Solution benefits from social media marketing

Pilot Partner, an electronic logbook solution designed to enhance or replace the paper […]

August 2017

  • Book Club - New Rules of Marketing and PR

AMHF 0093 Book Club Discussion – The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Kathryn Creedy, John Williams and I discuss David Meerman Scott’s book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

Specifically, we talk […]

July 2017

  • Great aviation sales pros - Book Club - Charisma Myth

Are Great Aviation Sales Pros Just Born That Way? AMHF 0089 – Book Club Discussion – The Charisma Myth

Are Great Aviation Sales Pros Just Born That Way?
AMHF 0089 – Book Club Discussion – The Charisma Myth
John and I […]

June 2017

AMHF 0087 – Aviation Consulting Sales with Hal Stephens of Sapphire Aviation Solutions

Today we have a special guest, Hal Stephens. Now, there are a lot of aviation consultants out there that provide […]

May 2017

  • Book Club Discussion - Tribes

AMHF 0083 – Book Club Discussion – Tribes by Seth Godin

One of the best ways to apply new ideas to your marketing is to be a voracious reader, and our […]

April 2017

AMHF 0079 – Aviation Software Marketing – Ken VeArd and the Pilot Partner App

Our Insiders are the smartest people in the aviation industry – so we like to introduce them to each other, […]

  • Book Club - Content that Converts

AMHF 0078 – Book Club Discussion – Content that Converts by Laura Hanly


We’ve been so fortunate to have great authors come on the podcast – Shashank Nigam who wrote SOAR, the famous […]

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