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May 2017

  • Book Club Discussion - Tribes

AMHF 0083 – Book Club Discussion – Tribes by Seth Godin

One of the best ways to apply new ideas to your marketing is to be a voracious reader, and our […]

April 2017

AMHF 0079 – Aviation Software Marketing – Ken VeArd and the Pilot Partner App

Our Insiders are the smartest people in the aviation industry – so we like to introduce them to each other, […]

  • Book Club - Content that Converts

AMHF 0078 – Book Club Discussion – Content that Converts by Laura Hanly


We’ve been so fortunate to have great authors come on the podcast – Shashank Nigam who wrote SOAR, the famous […]

March 2017

  • Aviation Book Club - Evergreen

AMHF 0074 – Book Club Discussion – Evergreen- Customer Loyalty by Noah Fleming

In this episode, John and I talk about he book Evergreen by Noah Fleming.

“Cultivate the enduring customer loyalty that keeps […]

February 2017

Three benefits of book clubs!

Three benefits of book clubs – five minute video


Good morning, I’m Paula Williams and welcome to Marketing Monday from ABCI. […]

AMHF 0070 – Book Club Discussion – SOAR Airline Marketing with Author Shashank Nigam

We were thrilled that author Shashank Nigam joined us live for the panel discussion, which made this MUCH more interesting!

We […]

  • Aviation Brochures

AMHF 0069 – Appallingly Boring Aviation Brochures, And How to Avoid Them

Most aviation brochures are appallingly boring.¬† Don’t spend valuable advertising budget printing glossy brochures that don’t have a chance of […]

January 2017

  • Aviation marketing Postcards

AMHF 0068 – Seven Ways to Use Postcards in Aviation Advertising

Postcards in aviation advertising¬† – big ideas from this week’s episode:

Postcards are an incredibly popular and traditional form of […]

  • Book Club Discussion - ReWork

AMHF 0067 – Book Club Discussion – ReWork

John & Paula Williams and Joni Lampert Schultz discuss the book ReWork

Big ideas from this week’s episode:

The way we’ve […]

  • ABCI Congratulates 2017 Aviation Marketing Scholarship Winners

ABCI Congratulates 2017 Aviation Marketing Scholarship Winners

Aviation Business Consultants International (ABCI) is pleased to award two unique Aviation Marketing Scholarships, which involve Silver Level memberships to […]

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