Aviation digital marketing is particularly important, since the aviation industry is a global industry, our population is digitally connected and savvy, and most use computers and mobile devices to search for content and video about topics they care about.
The most popular digital venues for aviation decision makers are YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook, although there are small specialized groups on other channels – aircraft maintenance folks on Instagram, for example.
While traditional aviation marketing demands magazine advertising, trade shows and direct mail; we recommend supplementing these items with digital marketing – which is an ideal complement for a more complete campaign.
An example  – direct mail postcards can include a link to an extensive digital catalog including video.  This is a very successful formula for an aviation marketing campaign.
Another example is a social media campaign advertising trade show product demos or events.
And Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  is particularly effective since there are so many very specific terms for products and services.  So, optimizing aviation web sites for these terms is particularly effective.

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