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June 2017

AMHF 0087 – Aviation Consulting Sales with Hal Stephens of Sapphire Aviation Solutions

Welcome to Aviation Marketing Hangar Flying Episode 86 – Aviation Consulting Sales  with Hal Stephens

Today we have a special guest, […]

AMHF 0086 – Book Club Discussion – The Content Code by Mark W. Schaefer

John and I discuss the Content Code by Mark W. Schaeffer.

The cover promises “Six Essential Strategies for Igniting Your Content, […]

May 2017

AMHF 0085 – Aviation Website Design – What Works?

The three big ideas on what works in Aviation Website Design:

Form Follows Function
Don’t Try to Please Everybody, Just […]

AMHF 005 – Presenting Your Offer – AKA – Your Advertisement

Everyone is looking for the perfect, magical aviation advertisement that persuades everyone to accept an offer or buy a product.

But […]

  • Data Visualization

AMHF 0084 – Data Visualization with Paxton Calvanese and the Wx 24 Pilot App

Data visualization is something that affects many fields in aviation, including things as different from each other as analyzing the […]

  • Is your aviation website in disrepair?

Is your aviation website out of date and in disrepair?

Why is it important for an aviation website to be in good shape?

Although aviation companies may be strapped for cash […]

  • Book Club Discussion - Tribes

AMHF 0083 – Book Club Discussion – Tribes by Seth Godin

One of the best ways to apply new ideas to your marketing is to be a voracious reader, and our […]

  • Aviation Marketing - Social Media

AMHF 0082 – Aviation Marketing – Social Media Speedbumps

Social Media and Digital Marketing can be a very effective way to promote an aviation business, but it’s not a […]

  • MRO Marketing

AMHF 0081 – MRO Marketing – Aircraft Service & Repair Marketing

There are people who say that the money in aviation is actually made on the ground. And providing service and […]

April 2017

  • Getting your marketing process to rotation speed

AMHF 0080 – How to Get Your Marketing Process Up to Rotation Speed

In aviation, you have to achieve a certain velocity to take off. In sales and marketing, the same principles apply […]

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