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December 2016

AMHF 0061 – Our Most Successful Aviation Marketing Clients

We were asked a very insightful question by a prospective customer – what do the most successful aviation marketing clients  […]

January 2016

  • Aviation Marketing Hangar Flying Podcast Episode 15

AMHF 0015 – When to Not Bother with Marketing – working Smarter rather than HARDER!

As Perry Marshall explains in 80/20 Sales and Marketing, sometimes the answer is NOT about working harder, and adding MORE […]

April 2013

Sales Teamwork – The Trade Show Booth

You can tell when a company has it all together.
You walk by their trade show booth, see something intriguing in […]

June 2012

Random Act of Marketing #12 – Trying to Trick Google

We all want more prospective customers to see our website, and we all want to rank better on Google and […]

May 2012

PR, Publicity, Marketing and Sales for Flight Schools

Discussion at the Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) Confrerence in Las Vegas, with Dan McElhattan III of Brand […]

January 2012

How to Fail in Marketing

I was shredding old papers from last year, and had a revelation.

We have an extensive questionnaire that prospective clients complete […]

September 2011

Press Release – AeroStar provides answers and solutions to students seeking advanced flight training.

“The career path for aviation students has changed,” indicated Deidra Toye, the Admissions Director at Aerostar. “Aspiring airline captains used to work for years as flight instructors or charter services to build up time. Airlines worldwide are looking for qualified pilots with type ratings. With this new approach, you might as well get paid while you build time in type.”

August 2011

Marketing Strategy – Be a Control Freak

Being dependent on any one thing, especially if that thing is not completely controlled by you, puts your business at risk.

June 2011

Podcast Episode 12 – Marketing Starts When the Plane Hits the Ramp – An Interview with “B-Rad” Elliott

Listen here – Podcast Episode 12 – Marketing Starts When the Plane Hits the Ramp

Or see us on BlogTalkRadio or […]

March 2011

Your Secret Weapon: Commitment to Your Marketing Plan

We’ve been discussing Jay Conrad Levinson’s classic Guerrilla Marketing and breaking down Jay’s Sixteen Monumental Secrets of Guerrilla Marketing.

Secret Number […]

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