Three Ways to Save a Sale

“Do you have any programmable Christmas trees?” We asked a very distinguished looking gentleman in a red flannel shirt. “Nope.” “Why not?” “Because they’re nothing but trouble, that’s why not. You don’t want to get it home and plugged in and have it not work right after a week, now do you?” John and I…

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Marketing Strategies – Approaching Your Top Ten Most Desired Customers

This one of the most powerful marketing strategies that we share with all of our clients early in the process of working together. One of our clients (who is a pilot) remarked that “customers don’t come with approach plates.” No, they don’t.   You have to make up your own. Unique Customers Require Unique Approaches. One…

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How to Network at Aviation Events

Why is it important to know how to network? Aviation is a trust-based industry, and many deals (especially most of the large-ticket transactions) are still made in person, or as a result of at least one in-person meeting. Events, like trade shows and conventions are a great opportunity to have a number of decision-makers in…

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