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2016 Aviation Sales & Marketing Webinars

Note that the free sales and marketing webinars are a “lighter,” more basic version of the “Members Only” webinar offered the following week, so if a topic is new and/or important to you, you may wish to attend both!


Wed, January […]

Do your sales calls get a chilly reception? This could be why.

When I went from the world of finance and education to the world of aviation, I had NO IDEA how hard it would be to make sales.

I remember picking up the phone and calling the Marketing Director of a large […]

Fear Can Be Useful! – The Pre-Sales Call Checklist

Ever been disappointed by poor performance in a sales call, only to find out it was a good thing you’d lost the sale?

I had been working for weeks to close a rather large, important sale that would have been what […]

Three Ways to Save a Sale

“Do you have any programmable Christmas trees?” We asked a very distinguished looking gentleman in a red flannel shirt.


“Why not?”

“Because they’re nothing but trouble, that’s why not. You don’t want to get it home and plugged in and have it […]

Sales success – How hard do your prospects and customers have to work?

Some of you know that we have a kid serving in the Peace Corps in Morocco.  You might also know that we went to visit him last week – took him to Spain for a little bit of a vacation […]

Sales Phobia Panel Discussion – Excerpts

Last week, we hosted a panel discussion with five experienced sales professionals in different parts of the aviation industry.  We learned a lot about “sales phobia,” a common affliction in the aviation industry.   Thanks much to our “all star” […]

Critical Sales Failure Point – The Handoff

We’ve all had experiences where we are are the victim of a “handoff” from marketing to sales to customer service in companies where  people don’t seem to be able to “get it together.” This is a costly sales failure point, […]

Sales Phobia Panel Discussion

We’re looking forward to a great panel discussion next week that you’ll definitely want to be a part of if you’re involved in sales or marketing in the aviation industry!

We’ll be asking the questions YOU want to ask, of the […]

Be careful what you promise, and who you promise it to!

We attended a promotion party for a dear friend this weekend. Our friend, a recently commissioned Colonel, drew our attention to the words of the oath taken by officers. They do NOT promise to obey or defend their superior officers, […]

Marketing Strategies – Approaching Your Top Ten Most Desired Customers

This one of the most powerful marketing strategies that we share with all of our clients early in the process of working together.

One of our clients (who is a pilot) remarked that “customers don’t come with approach plates.”

No, they don’t.   […]

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