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Aviation Trade Show Checklist

Aviation Trade Show Checklist

Going to an Aviation Trade Show?
How will you Capitalize on Your Investment?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the years we’ve been creating marketing campaigns for aviation companies, it’s this:

It’s never too early to start planning your next aviation trade show appearance!

Trade shows are more expensive and more sophisticated than they used to be.  For that reason, getting a good return on your investment of attending (or exhibiting) at a show is also more difficult than it used to be!

Simply “being there” and sitting in a booth at a trade show is no longer enough.

It takes a lot of behind the scenes work – planning, preparation, and follow up – to get the attention of the right prospective customers, represent your company professionally, build relationships, and create the foundation for future sales.

We’re offering a brief preview of what we do for our clients, download our updated Aviation Trade Show Checklist.

  • How to plan a powerful, attractive presentation
  • What to do the day after the Trade Show
  • What to do 30 and 180 days after
  • Sample Follow Up Timelines for Sales
  • A comparison of marketing tools for your follow up program

Download your free checklist today!

You simply can’t afford to do a trade show badly!

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