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Aviation professionals who are responsible for sales results often find themselves with more to do than time to do it!

Aviation Marketing - Time management for marketing

Time management for marketing

There are a myriad of tasks that you know would improve your company’s sales and marketing performance. Unfortunately, small teams or even single individuals find themselves responsible for work that was performed by a team of six or eight people prior to 2009.

When sales and marketing tasks are neglected, sales and revenues decline, leading to smaller budgets and potentially further reductions in staff.  Turning this vicious cycle around and improving sales and marketing productivity is key to a company’s success, or even survival.

We offer proven solutions that have worked for us and for our clients.

Learning/Skills Objectives

  • Planning strategies to ensure you are spending time on the right activities.
  • Discussion of which sales and marketing activities can be automated, and those that require personal attention.
  • Strategies for grouping similar tasks.
  • Scheduling routines that save time.
  • Activities that can (and can’t!)  be successfully outsourced.
  • Activities to limit or discard altogether
  • A color “cheat sheet” with time management tactics
  • Aviation professionals responsible for sales and marketing tasks

Intended Audience

  • Aviation professionals responsible for sales and marketing tasks