A great ad can make all the difference to your sales results.

How can you be sure the ad you’re publishing will fly?

Our proven process will increase customer retention and get you more new customers than ever before!

Even a small ad that you publish in a  popular aviation magazine or on the web can cost tens of thousands of dollars to create and publish.   And it might bring in hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars in business; or it might bring in nothing.

Never waste money and time again on ads that don’t get the best results in the business.

As a pilot, would you ever fly a plane which hadn’t been through a rigorous test program?

Of course not! Every plane out there needs to be designed by engineers, professionally built, certified by the FAA, and put through very controlled processes to make sure it does everything it’s supposed to do (and nothing it’s not supposed to do!)

Each plane is tested for adherence to safety, performance, and reliability standards during a test flight. Those goals are defined ahead of time, measured, and analyzed in order to make sure the best possible plane makes it to market.

When your business publishes an ad that will be seen by current and potential customers, you don’t want to shoot from the hip with random acts of marketing. You want to use our proven system which provides results like you’ve never seen before!

You have an aviation business because you are an expert and you have the best product out there. The sad truth is that the difference which separates the most financial successful businesses from the rest is not expertise, but marketing.

Your competition may not be as skilled and knowledgeable as you, but they could be getting the customers that you could serve better, simply because their advertisements are better.

Don’t let that happen! Make sure your marketing is as great as your business.

  • Your ads are good, probably great but they are missing key pieces which are costing you customers and profits.
  • Never wonder again if your ads will produce and keep profitable customers.
  • Improved marketing will pay for itself when gets you just one more customer at your FBO ($500 for 15 mins of fuel for a G-550) or additional aircraft phase inspection at your maintenance facility (at least $1,000).
  • You’re an aviation expert. Let your marketing reflect your true skill.

Get and keep the customers you deserve!

With this service, you get a comprehensive review which will pay for itself with just one additional customer!

Use your Test Flight certificates any time in the next 12 months!

Order your Ad Test Flight today and watch your profits take off!

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