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Search Engine Optimization is a cost-effective way for aviation companies to find new customers!

ABCI highly recommends ongoing search engine optimization to any aviation company that wants to receive a significant amount of business from its web site.

Appearing on the first page of search engine results is important, since many potential customers will check out the top for our five results, but may not research further.

ABCI used to perform SEO for our own site, as well as for those of our clients. In fact, in 2010  ago we sold a “do it yourself” program with videos so that enterprising marketing folks could do it themselves with great results. (Example of a client quickly achieving a #1 search result here.)

But recently, we have found that SEO competition, and technical complexity has proliferated.  For this reason, we’ve created a strategic partnership to provide this important service to our clients.


Natural Search versus Paid Search (PPC)

Pay Per Click or PPC ads have the advantage of being quick to implement, and are great for campaigns where quick results are vital, such as market testing a new product offering or filling seats in a seminar with a date that is coming up quickly.

But PPC is not without its problems.  The cost to “bid” for popular keywords has increased dramatically in recent years without corresponding improvement in effectiveness.  There is more competition in the market as more of your competitors try the “quick and easy” approach to getting search engine traffic.

PPC is simply too expensive to use as a regular business practice. Natural search is a much better investment in the ongoing financial health of your company.

A Long-Term Investment?

Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is based on the contents and quality of your website, which accomplishes two things:

  1. Influences the search engines to send more traffic your way
  2. Is more effective at educating and influencing propective customers who come to your site.

But, in the volatile industry of aviation SEO doesn’t last forever.  Just because you optimized the site once, doesn’t mean that it will stay optimized.

The search engines have minor changes on a weekly basis, and major changes to their search algorithms every few months.

You may also be thinking:
“But I just optimized our site last year!”
You may also be thinking:
“But I just brushed my teeth last night” or “I just preflighted the airplane yesterday.”
If in doubt, or if your results are slipping, it’s probably time think about optimizing again. 

A Strategic Partnership

ABCI has partnered with market leader Boostability to provide SEO services for our clients.

  • ABCI has built a trusted reputation for developing great marketing strategies and high-quality marketing materials for aviation companies.
  • Boostability is local to ABCI (in Salt Lake City, Utah) and is a great partner and collaborator. They are also an award-winning SEO service provider that specializes in staying on top of search technology.

Our clients get the best of both worlds!

Paired Services

If you’re investing in SEO, you can compound the effectiveness  of your investment by contracting with ABCI for other services as well:

  • Professional content writing or ghostwriting
  • Social Media management

Beware of Inexpensive Services

Some SEO practitioners may attempt to acquire short-term results cheaply, by using techniques such as:

  • Adding poorly-written content to your website that reflects badly on your reputation
  • Attempting to trick the search engines using “link farms,” automated link-building software or inexpensive labor.
  • Attempting to overinflate your results with shoddy social media practices, such as “buying followers.”

These techniques may yield short-term gains, but may also cost you penalties as search engines become more sophisticated.  Using “black hat” practices can cause Google and other search engines to EXCLUDE your site from search results.

Ready to get started?

We recommend an investment of  15- 40 hours per month ($600-1200/month @ $40/hour)  for a minimum of three months, depending on your competition and the aggressiveness of your objectives.

Need help sizing your project and setting expectations?

Give us a call at 702-987-1679 for more information.

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