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May 2017

  • Is your aviation website in disrepair?

Is your aviation website out of date and in disrepair?

Why is it important for an aviation website to be in good shape?

Although aviation companies may be strapped for cash […]

April 2017

  • Marketing Costs

Aviation Marketing Costs: What Should You Pay For Sales & Marketing Services? Services?

It makes good business sense to keep marketing costs low and results high.  And there is a lot of advertising […]

April 2015

Aviation Video and The Expectation of Transparency

John won’t take any of our vehicles for repairs or maintenance to a place where he’s not allowed in the shop, […]

Impending Google Algorithm Change – Be Mobile Friendly by April 21

Several times a year, Google changes the algorithm that it uses to determine which sites to display first in search […]

March 2015

How to Serve Customers Better (And Make More Money) By Mastering Cross Sell Techniques

Another Phase Three activity that really helps boost revenue (and serve customers better) is to be prepared to cross sell, […]

Getting More Referrals – Summary of our Panel Discussion

Doug Evink, President & CEO of Tanis Aviation, and Doug Goldstrom, President of Sales for Special Services Corporation (SSC) shared […]

Why Do I Need A CRM?

“Why do I need a CRM? I don’t need another complicated and expensive piece of software. All of our customer […]

Five Ways to use your CRM to get more Referrals, Recaptures and Testimonials

While most companies agree that these five marketing tasks are important, this is the “real world” and things tend to […]

Referrals, Recaptures, Resales & Testimonials – Improving Phase Three

In this video, John and Paula talk about Phase Three marketing – the most profitable marketing stage  for aviation, business […]

How to Plan a Customer Appreciation Event for Maximum Marketing Impact

It’s important to know how to plan a customer appreciation event, since they can really improve customer satisfaction, retention, referrals, […]

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