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Aviation marketing is our specialty.

Of course, aviation includes a lot of different types of businesses!

We work with aircraft brokers, airports and FBOs, electronics, avionics, accessories manufacturers, maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities, flight schools (recreational and career-oriented), associations, charters and commuter airlines, and professionals in legal, insurance and medical specialties that work with aviation.

They have one thing in common -
aviation consumers deserve better marketing!

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We understand your challenge.

Brokers and sales professionals in the aviation industry have a long sales cycle. Customers have a lot of questions and require a lot of attention. Your marketing and technology should support, rather than take time away, from vital sales activities.

We have discovered that many sales professionals who use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System aren't using it properly - the system was never set up to properly support their REAL sales process.  We provide custom implementation and help you actually use technology in support of your marketing and sales efforts.

Become a magnet for the flying community

Great marketing AND public relations can help you become a favorite of pilots and charter fleets, while being seen as a good neighbor in your community.  

Find, nurturing and rewarding advocates with articles that really "tell the whole story" of your people and your enterprise.  A good newsletter and a pattern of  "good press" in local publications can make all the difference.

Your customers depend on you to keep them in the air,

you can depend on ABCI to keep them coming in for service!

We can create an automated system that predicts when your customers will need regularly scheduled service, and provide a great customized newsletter that includes topics they care about. This can take a huge workload off your staff, and can go a long way toward nurturing relationships with your best customers.  We can also devise campaigns based on who is most likely to need or want a particular service or upgrade.

Need more students? 

We understand that your flight instructors can be your best salespeople - hence our Flight Instructor Sales Training course. 

We also provide great follow up programs to ensure those leads you collect at your open houses and career days don't just fade off into the sunset, or get their ratings from your competitors!

Grow your practice without sacrificing the respect of your customers or colleagues.

You understand that your customers have many options for service, and it's not always easy to market your products or services. Often, there are legal and ethical restrictions on the types of marketing you can do.  You can't be the crazy car dealer on TV, or the guy in the gorilla suit at the cell phone store.

We can help you identify ideal prospects and reach out to them in ways that position you as an information source, not as a salesperson! 




  • Paula is an effective and organized consultant. Her success is due to her impeccable communication and organization skills. I very much look forward to working with her again
    Jerome AbreganaJerome Abregana

    Wells Fargo

  • Paula is an incisive speaker who demonstrates proficient knowledge in both aviation business and electronic marketing. She is engaging, articulate, and most importantly, she is genuine. I look forward to working with Paula in the future and continuing to learn from her how to best utilize the time and effort I put into my social media initiatives.
    Brad McAllisterBrad McAllister

    Air Transport IT Services, Inc

  • I hired Paula as a business consultant for my aviation photography. She has a wealth of knowledge that I feel is unmatched in her field. I have seen my business grow into something that my thoughts couldn’t even conceive a year ago. The credibility that her work has given my business is wonderful and I couldn’t be happier. Once a...
    Taylor GreenwoodTaylor Greenwood

    Taylor Greenwood Photography

  • Paula, is very knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure her clients achieve their online marketing.
    Randon RussellRandon Russell

    Randon Aviation

  • It was a pleasure working with Paula, she is a seasoned marketer as well as an aviation professional who provides excellent, responsive and valuable service, and she is very easy to work with!
    Debbie ConroyDebbie Conroy

    CORE Survival

  • Having Paula Williams and TurboMarketing as our Marketing partner has proven to be the single most powerful strategic partnership that AeroStar Training Services could have entered into! Pauls’s Marketing skills and strategies have contributed have yielded tremendous returns for the AeroStar brand in the A-320 and B-737NG type rating training market. I would highly recommend Paula Williams and Turbo Marketing...
    Scott PattonScott Patton

    AeroStar Training Services LLC

  • Paula Williams is a marketing specialist extraordinaire for the aviation industry. She’s an expert at marketing, and creating automated marketing funnels, online and email marketing, and so much more. Today’s marketers have so much clutter to fight, but Paula has done a great job of honing it specifically for the aviation industry. If you’re in that industry, you owe it...
    Carol ParksCarol Parks

    Strategic Marketing Consultant