We Specialize in Aviation Industry Content that Connects With Your Customers.

The best advertising doesn’t look like advertising.  Customers want real information – articles, videos, blog posts, and social media conversations that show them how to solve their problems.

The best investment for aviation sales and marketing professionals, teams, and companies – great content that tells your story in a simple, compelling and powerful way.

Grab customers’ attention and help them understand why they should choose YOUR product or service!

Aviation customers want honesty, transparency and expertise.  And they want to understand your product or service so that they can have the confidence to make a great purchase decision.  But they don’t want to spend all day poring over technical data to get that confidence.

A glitzy trade show booth or magazine ad is not enough anymore – aviation customers are smart, discerning, and busy!  We help your sales team make the BEST use of prospects’ time and help them make the best decision by choosing your product or service over the competition.

We are aviation industry specialists.  We create articles, infographics, short video, email marketing, digital marketing, banners and other media and help get it in front of your most-wanted future customers!

Marketing Lab Pricing Table
  • Aviation marketing, content, social media and custom services. No big agency retainer or long-term commitment.
  • We do ask for a six month “handshake” agreement, because we need to plan resources and reduce churn in the group.
  • That said, your satisfaction is ABSOLUTELY guaranteed.

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If you’re responsible for making sales in your company, I don’t have to tell you how many people depend on you for their income, livelihood and success.

In the aviation industry in particular, sales and marketing tasks often fall to the founder, CEO, pilots, engineers, product developers and others who never had any intention of being “in sales,” and quickly find out that no matter how great their product, service, or brand might be, despite what your current satisfied customers might tell you, nothing “sells itself.”

It takes an ongoing effort of creating content to explain product benefits, answer questions, show prospects you understand them and to help them understand and connect with you and your product or service.

That takes clear, compelling and powerful content.  Articles, graphics and short video that are strategically placed where your best prospects will see them. By bringing people to your webiste, social media channels, trade show booth, showroom or conference room. Your salespeople are only as good as the leads and opportunities you can generate for them.

That’s where we can help.

Aviation Marketing Lab - Aviation Marketing Course

Why Do You Need the Aviation Marketing Lab?

Because the reason for most business failures in the aviation industry is because the people involved focused most of their effort on developing their product or service, and

vastly underestimated the difficulty

of marketing, and making sales.

Whenever you make a sale, you’re fighting inertia.

Think about it – you’re asking VERY busy people to stop what they’re doing and pay attention to you.   Then you’re asking them to understand your logic and reasoning about what might be a very large, complex or technical product or service.  They need to decide that your product is superior, learn enough about it to convince their colleagues or superiors why this is so. And then they need to put their reputation on the line, and lay out what might be a very substantial sum of money and significant amount of time.

You can see that this is a long chain of events.  Airplanes spend a LOT more fuel to get off the ground than it takes for them to cruise at altitude.

This is because the aircraft on takeoff is fighting inertia. The aircraft at cruising altitude is not.

When you ask someone to buy from you, rather than your competitor, you’re also fighting inertia. It takes a lot more attention, energy, logic and persuasion to make this happen than  most people realize!

However justified the arguments that your product or service is superior to what they’re doing now, make no mistake about it – this is a daunting task!

The good news is, you don’t have to do this daunting task alone!

Great pilots have recurrent training. Great athletes have great coaches. All high performing professionals have continuous education, support teams, networking groups and mastermind groups. So, it makes sense to invest in an aviation marketing course, since it is so important to the health of your business and  it is such an increasingly competitive marketplace!

And we have the smartest minds in aviation sales and marketing.  We think you should join us!

Of course, the Marketing Lab isn’t for everyone.

  • If $279 a month would take food off your family’s table or put you out of business, we certainly understand where you’re coming from and wish you the best.
  • You’re so busy that you’re not able to squeeze out an extra minute to read, discuss, and implement current, relevant ideas and techniques, then don’t bother with this.
  • If you’re not willing or able to schedule one hour a month to work on your sales and marketing objectives, then this isn’t for you.

If any of these reasons apply to you, then stop reading here because we don’t want to waste your time or ours. But if you’re still curious, we invite you to try the Marketing Lab.

Questions and Answers About the Marketing Lab

How much time does this aviation marketing course take?

The program is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of our diverse clients. Since sales and marketing is so important to your business, we recommend spending three hours per week:

  • Marketing Mondays, for sales meetings, planning, developing materials, etc.
  • Webinar Wednesdays, to acquire and practice new skills
  • Follow Fridays, to follow up with your Top Ten most wanted future customers, other contacts, and class members.

But because all of our clients are in the schedule-shredding aviation industry, we understand that there are weeks (or even months!) where you participation will vary. We carefully curate topics an methods so that we don’t just overload you with information that may not be relevant.

We provide recordings and documents that you can review at your leisure because we understand how busy you are.

Is the Marketing Lab for CEOs?

Yes, we have several CEOs and founders in the program. Because smart CEOs and founders (most famously like Steve Jobs realized)  that marketing is the most important role they can manage to improve the health of their company and brand and increase your market share. So in the most successful companies, we find that CEOs and founders take an active, hands-on role in marketing.

Is this for salespeople?

Absolutely! Some of the salespeople in the program use their Office Hours to perfect their sales presentations, address customer objections, and refine their sales processes with our help.

Is this for marketing directors?

Marketing directors enjoy the hands-on and detailed nature of many of our tip sheets and workbooks, as well as specific assistance with marketing campaigns, which they share with their teams.

Should my whole team join?

Many aviation businesses benefit from having their sales and marketing teams “on the same page” using our topics and materials for their own initiatives. If you have three or more people from your company who would like to join, ask us about volume discounts!

How long do I have to stay?

There is no long-term commitment. Most of our members stay for years, but you can cancel your membership at any time. We ask for a 30-day notice if you intend to discontinue your membership so that we can gracefully wrap up any materials and projects.

When should I join?

Since we cover separate topics every month, any month is a good time to join.  But remember – the sooner you join, the sooner you’ll see results!