The Insiders VIP Lounge – Our Private Facebook Group

The VIP Lounge is our Private Facebook Group – Members can get and give advice about their current projects, network, find resources, etc. 

Things you can do on the Facebook Group:

  • Share news and successes!
  • Use us as your “accountability partners” for your goals & objectives.
  • Ask the Insiders for simple feedback – “Do you prefer A or B?” or “How would you improve this?”
  • Share an interesting technique you’ve come across or used.

See it here-  (Note – I may need to send an invite to you on Facebook – so make sure we’re friends – )

Benet Wilson aka Aviation Queen AKA Aunt Benet

Our Fearless Facilitator

Benet Wilson, AKA “the Aviation Queen” AKA “Aunt Benet” brings a wealth of experience and connections and we are fortunate to have her facilitating our Facebook group to ensure our members stay engaged and get the help they need with their sales and marketing projects.