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Free Webinar – Aviation Sales Presentations that Get Yesses!

Most aviation sales presentations end in something like this:

  • “We need more time to consider.”
  • “We’ll have to run this up the flagpole.”
  • “We’ll get back to you.”

Sometimes they really mean it. But in this Free Webinar, we reveal the secret of what attendees to your presentation on aviation products & services  REALLY mean and how to turn those weasel statements into sales – or at least progress in the sales process!

We recorded our Free Webinar on Sales Presentations:

This webinar is for you if:

  • You sell something in the aviation industry
  • You represent your company at trade shows
  • You do in-person sales presentations
  • You do sales presentations by teleconference!

You’ll learn:

  • How to tell if you’ve “lost” the prospect
  • How to prevent it!
  • How (and why) you should probably simplify your presentation, rather than loading it up with more features!
  • How to customize your presentation for each client
  • How to close (for the sale, or for the next step in the  process.)

If you’re like me, you’ll want to see some examples of actual wording that WORKS for sales presentations on aviation products & services!  So, we’ve included that as well.

This webinar will be part of our professional development series for aviation salespeople – stay tuned for more details!


Links mentioned in this webinar:

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Aviation Sales Presentation Workshop: https://www.AviationBusinessConsultants.com/salespreso


We also offer a NEW service where we’ll jump in with you and work on your presentations, your printed materials, and even rehearse your sales presentations with you until you’re a whole lot more comfortable and EFFECTIVE.





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