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Eight Org Structures for Sales & Marketing Teams

There are  as many different organizational structures for sales and marketing teams as there are companies – One thing we’ve learned  consulting with aviation companies is that many different org...

Trade show checklist

NBAA Trade Show 2013 – Registration Opened this week – Download Your Updated Checklist!

NBAA Trade Show 2013 – The NBAA Annual Convention Registration opened last week. The “big show” in aviation marketing is not until October, so you may be thinking you have...

Your vote counts!

An Election Where Your Vote Really Counts

I was talking with a friend the other day about the dearth of good choices in the elections in the U.S. this year. We were also commiserating about the fact...

Writing an aviation blog or newsletter can be challenging. Here's what to write about:

What Should I Write About? Ten ways to solve writer’s block

When we advise clients to write a blog or newsletter, they usually have no problem understanding the reasons for this. They fully realize the benefits of communicating regularly. It takes repeated...


Packaging Basics for the Aviation Industry

Perhaps these are the reasons that people marketing and selling aviation products and services tend to overlook the basic marketing principles of merchandising and packaging products and services.


Introducing our Sales Coaching Program

Great athletes, high-performance pilots, and great salespeople have coaches that help them reach optimal levels of performance. Let us customize a program to help you ascend to new heights!

Smiling and being attentive is no substitute for actually listening to customers and getting "orders" right. whether you're a waiter, an FBO, an insurance agent, or a consulting professional.

Sales and Customer Service – Style, Substance, or Both?

Sales, marketing and customer service people are trained to respond with a smile and to be pleasant, but not many are comfortable explaining to a customer what's NOT possible, or why what they're asking for may not be the best option for their needs.

Cutter Aviation is well-known for outstanding customer service.  Part of their strategy for making that happen is setting realistic expectations with customers.

Setting Realistic Expectations with Customers

In yesterdays Coaching Program Webinar, Ryan Keough of Cutter Aviation  was our guest instructor. We were talking about the difference between people that write the textbooks on customer service and...

Without sales and marketing, planes and people sit idle.

Nothing Happens Till Somebody Sells Something!

We’ve seen the necessity of good marketing and good salesmanship first hand in the last couple of years. When the economy is good, a company can do well with the...

Sales coaching session

Sales Presentations – The Live Coaching Session

We had our first live coaching session today, and in spite of a thousand things that could have gone wrong, I’m always amazed at how things have a way of...