April 9, 2019


Cirrus Aircraft Protects Planes with Trisoft Covers


The Cirrus Aircraft company is different from other aircraft makers because they obsess over details.

While most other aircraft companies put their emphasis mostly on airworthiness, functionality and reliability, Cirrus it to the next level with the aesthetic and experiential details, as well as the functional ones.

This obsession is reflected in every choice – from the visual design elements to the cleanliness of the facilities to the covers they use to protect aircraft in their maintenance and delivery facilities.

New and returning aircraft handled in their new Knoxville Vision Center will be protected with Trisoft Covers.

Cirrus protects planes with TriSoft Covers

TrISoft covers protect planes and equipment from one another during storage and maintenance.

The decision, like any undertaken by Cirrus, was not taken lightly. Every part of the aircraft ownership experience, particularly at the new facility, is given VIP proportions.   It’s telling that Stephen Deuker, the vice president of owner experience and manager of the facility, was not recruited from within Cirrus, or even from the aviation industry.  His background is with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, where he had held a senior position.

Stephen Pope writes about the experience of a new Vision Jet Delivery in Flying Magazine in February – new owners are provided with a stay at Blackberry Farm, an Audi to drive around Knoxville, and a variety of experiences in addition to the usual training briefing and turnover of the keys.

That philosophy extends to providing all new buyers of Cirrus planes — whether it’s a piston model or a jet — with an unparalleled aircraft delivery experience in Knoxville. The Audi wasn’t offered to me because I am the editor of Flying magazine; it’s what Cirrus buyers who purchase certain special models get when they arrive. Over the next three days, I would be treated to incredible experiences, including a stay at the renowned Blackberry Farm luxury resort nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains; dinner at one of the top-rated restaurants in America; wakesurfing on the Tennessee River; and lunch in Asheville, North Carolina — after I got to fly myself there in a Vision Jet.

It’s all normal and expected for these select Cirrus customers, explained Deuker.

 “We want to push it right to the limit of being obnoxious without crossing that line,” he said of the experience customers can expect when they come to Knoxville to pick up a new airplane. “It’s a big deal in people’s lives. We want to make sure it’s unforgettable.”

Handling of new and returning aircraft at the facility is equally white-glove. Or red-cover, in the case of prop-tips, trailing edges, and utility surfaces that come in proximity to aircraft, like equipment racks and lifts. John Johnson and DOM Dwayne Anderson have worked with Trisoft owner Joe Garland to ensure the facility is outfitted perfectly.

To keep planes, equipment and facilities working efficiently and looking good, durability and cleanliness are important.

The Trisoft Aircraft Cover company is not like most other aircraft supply providers because they obsess over details.

While most other cover manufacturers put their emphasis mostly on functionality and reliability, Trisoft takes it to the next level with the aesthetic and experiential details, as well as the functional ones.

Unlike most of the covers on the market, Trisoft Covers are made from closed-cell, chemical-resistant, high-density foam. Garland relates that one customer put a Trisoft cover and a competitor’s cover in a bucket of Skydrol (a  type of aviation hydraulic fluid) for a month. The competitor’s cover dissolved into a shapeless blob.  The Trisoft cover was perfectly usable (after wiping it off, of course!)

Trisoft covers are designed to be a custom fit for each aircraft type, so that surfaces are protected (and the plane looks good!) while aircraft are being moved and hangered.

The Cirrus Vision Jet is new to the market, so there were no covers premade for it.  Garland was able to create custom covers that fit the elevator, trailing edges and other unique features.

About Cirrus Aircraft

Cirrus Aircraft was started in 1984 by Alan and Dale Clapmeyer to connect more people with aviation by making it fascinating for both pilots and passengers. Their intention was to create an experience that was more intuitive, more comfortable, more immersive and more compelling.  The popular SR 20, SR22 and SR22T are light piston aircraft perhaps most famous for the CAPS or Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System.  The Cirrus Vision SF50 (AKA “Vision Jet”) is one of the most recent additions to the business jet market, with 88 deliveries to date.

Cirrus Aircraft can be contacted at 800.279.4322 or https://cirrusaircraft.com/

 About Trisoft Aircraft Covers 

Trisoft Covers was started in Florida by Joe Garland.  These high-density, closed-cell, durable foam covers protect aircraft from hangar rash and ramp damage with edge, antenna and propeller protection.  There are Trisoft covers all makes and models of aircraft, as well as shop equipment, racks and lifts.  Trisoft covers are used by general, business and commercial aviation, as well as military aircraft worldwide.  Recent orders include the Royal Australian Air Force; and BAE Systems, makers of the Hawk trainer aircraft.

Trisoft covers can be contacted at 1-800-844-2371 or www.TrisoftCovers.com