New Logo and Branding, and Social Media to Connect with an Upscale Clientele

Broomfield, CO

Blue Skies Aviation, an aircraft management company, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website,, as well as social media channels. Partnering with aviation marketing firm ABCI, they have developed new media and marketing to connect more conveniently with new and existing customers.“We had been focusing all of our attention on our business and family aircraft owners and managing their needs,” said founder Andrew Hartslief, “It was time to update our marketing to reflect how our company has evolved.”

“Andrew, Stef and Annie have been a great pleasure to work with,” said Paula Williams, President of ABCI. “They are very detail-oriented, which is exactly what you want in a team that manages your airplane.”

Blue Skies Aviation has invited visitors to explore the new website and connect via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. (Search for “Blue Skies Aviation” in your favorite social channel.)

About Blue Skies Aviation

Blue Skies Aviation was founded in 2009 as a DBA of Savant Consulting.

Services include:

  • Asset acquisition; annual budget and cash flow forecasting.
  • Aircraft maintenance and ongoing cost controls, including protocols such as Safety Management Systems (SMS) that ensure safe and efficient operation.
  • FAA, and if flying internationally, ICAO and country-specific regulation compliance.
  • Dispatch, scheduling and coordination with airports and fixed-base operators.
  • Hire, train, supervise and retain pilots and other crew members in compliance with regulations and standards.

About ABCI

ABCI’s mission is to help aviation companies sell more of their products and services.  They provide websites, social media, email, and direct mail campaigns as well as print media and trade shows.



Media Contact:

Paula Williams



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