What type of marketing videos perform best with a business aviation audience?

In our experience, the best-performing videos are those that feature a human face and voice as a “guide” with varied visuals, including relevant footage and animations. This format is best for long-format videos (anything over two minutes.)

Animated videos with music background also work well for some purposes.  This format is sometimes even better than the “live human” videos for very short explainers or vertical videos so popular on social media right now.

John and I explain some of the background and preferences, and some of the easiest ways to shoot the best kind of video!

One thing we strongly advise against – the computer-generated voice from text that has become so popular now.


People have a strong preference against it.

And why start from a disadvantage?

Yes, it may be quick and easy, but it only takes one poor first impression of your company or brand to associate your brand with those distasteful robocalls, and leave a less-than-stellar first impression!

Besides, there are four very manageable options for getting great live-action video:

1. Have us come to you. We have limited availability but can sometimes travel to client locations to supervise video shoots.
2. Take it yourself. Most of us have a great camera, the challenge is getting good lighting and sound. We’ve linked to some of the best resources for that. We will often do a test run with a client and give them suggestions to improve based on what they send us.
3. Hire a local videographer.
4. Get a Studio Day with us.  (Coming soon – our studio is under construction but will be available soon!)