Using video for aviation marketing

How many web videos have you viewed this week?

Considering the facts:

  • Google reports that seven million videos are viewed each month.
  • Twenty hours are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • Cisco predicts that video will drive 80 percent of web traffic within the next four years.

A few of the key principles of marketing:

  • Get your prospective customer’s attention
  • Make it convenient and easy for your customers to get information
  • “Show” rather than “tell” your customers about your product whenever possible

Video is an ideal marketing medium for lots of reasons. And most of us already have most of the equipment necessary to produce simple videos.  (Have a digital camera? A webcam? Some free or inexpensive software that may already be on your computer?)

You’ll also probably be surprised and encouraged to learn that videos don’t have to perfect (or even very polished) to be effective.

We chose video as our MasterClass topic for February before we knew exactly how powerful it could be. Now that we’ve done the homework, we’re rethinking some of our own marketing!

The complete video for the MasterClass members ended up being 72 minutes long! And the workbook is 25 pages  counting – have a few last-minute additions to make.  But it’s easier than you would expect.

Video can be used in so many ways for effective marketing! (The preview is much shorter!)

Here’s a preview . . .

If you’re already a Master Class member, your packet is going into the mail today or tomorrow.

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