Join hosts Paula and John Williams, author and youth pastor-turned broker Tom Lelyo;  Michael Duke, the innovative mind behind DBT Aero; Annamarie Buonocore, editor of InFlight USA and broker with USA Aircraft Brokers; and Roman Sapelkin, an experienced aircraft maintenance technician and entrepreneur.

This  conversation explores the multifaceted world of aviation through the lens of the book, discussing its applications in marketing, brokerage, and more.


0:00:00 – Casual start and reminisce about transitioning from Nook to Kindle formats.

0:00:37 – Introduction of E-Calibri for converting book formats.

0:00:57 – Discussion on managing digital libraries across devices.

0:01:31 – Strategies for accessing restricted digital content.

0:02:03 – The challenge of sharing books in restrictive regions.

0:03:09 – Warm welcomes and setting the stage for the book club discussion.

0:04:03 – Compliments on the professional setup for the discussion.

0:05:14 – Official start of the book club conversation, with a focus on book frequency.

0:06:18 – Introductions of Michael Duke and his insights into aviation innovation.

0:06:42 – Annamarie Buonocore shares her experience in aviation journalism and brokerage.

0:07:23 – Discussion transitions to the ease of self-publishing and marketing strategies.

0:08:35 – The role of personal branding in aviation.

0:10:21 – Emphasizing the importance of community support and asking for help in aviation.

0:13:25 – Potential content for future publications inspired by “The Ultimate Jet Guide.”

0:15:28 – Concluding thoughts on the significance of the book for the aviation industry.

0:16:03 – Exploring content marketing and its impact on aviation sales and brand recognition.

0:17:30 – The value of writing a book for establishing authority within the aviation industry.

0:19:06 – Insights into engaging high net worth clients and dispelling myths.

0:21:32 – Tips for aviation professionals on marketing and client engagement strategies.

0:23:16 – The importance of being authentic and relatable in the aviation sector.

0:25:12 – Balancing professional life with personal branding efforts.

0:26:42 – Tailoring marketing strategies for manufacturers in the aviation industry.

0:28:52 – The concept of omnipresence in aviation marketing.

0:30:52 – Identifying and addressing the unasked questions of clients.

0:32:31 – Closing remarks and encouraging continued discussion within the aviation community.

This in-depth discussion offers valuable perspectives on navigating the complexities of the aviation industry, emphasizing the importance of marketing, personal branding, and leveraging digital platforms. Whether you’re an aviation professional or enthusiast, this conversation provides enriching insights into making a significant impact in the aviation world.