So, what’s wrong with “Random Acts of Marketing?”

Fifteen years ago, (or maybe even ten) you could simply buy an advertisement in one of five aviation magazines and/or show up at a trade show and that was all you needed to do to sell any aviation-related product or service.

So, what changed?  Why has aviation marketing become so much more difficult?

Three things.

1) Aviation went global

2) Trade shows and magazines proliferated

3) The economy TANKED.

Because aviation is now global,  it takes a lot more thought and effort to reach a global audience, compete with global competitors.

Because of the proliferation of magazines and trade shows, it takes strategy to decide which of the HUNDREDS of aviation magazines and/or trade shows to advertise in, (nobody has the time and/or money to do them all!)

Because of the uncertain direction of the economy, it takes a lot longer to convince decision makers to part with their capital.  You must clearly communicate your products superiority and value proposition to a larger number of stakeholders in your prospect’s organization. They will take days, weeks, or even months researching, deliberating and convincing themselves of what used to be a simple decision.

So, if “Random Acts of Marketing” are not the way to go, what should you do?

Obtain a system that creates a reliable pipeline of prospects, customers, and referrers.

This system should include cost-effective, measurable steps for each phase.

Phases must include:

Phase One – Prospecting (Getting attention, also called “advertising.”)

Phase Two – Build credibility and close the sale (also called “drip marketing” or several other names.)

Phase Three – Encourage testimonials, referrals, and resales.

Each step must lead to a logical next step. And each step must be interchangeable so if one magazine or trade show or Facebook ad stops performing (or becomes prohibitively expensive!)  you can substitute it with something else.

There are two ways to build your system.

  1. Do it yourself!  (We can help with our coaching program!)
  2. Have ABCI do it for you! (We have several different service levels, one of which fits your needs and budget.)

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