“We just need a real quick press release for this product that we’re releasing next month. We want to get it in all the aviation magazines. Will you do that for us?”
marketing services

Um, no.

“Yes, we do write press releases, but only for our current members.”

“So, you’re not going to take my money and just do this for me.”

“No sir, but I can recommend some freelance writers who may be able. . . .”

“Nevermind, then. I guess I’ll just take my business elsewhere.”

“That’s fine. Have a nice day!!”


We get requests frequently from aviation companies that want “just a press release” or “just a brochure” or “just some ideas for our next trade show.”

There are many marketing companies, freelance writers and print shops that are happy to oblige.

ABCI does not.

We provide high-quality marketing services for our members only.

Reputation in the aviation industry is everything.  And we believe that “random acts of marketing” can be wasteful and potentially damaging to your brand.

To be truly effective, we need to know enough about your company, your product, your competition, and the rest of your marketing efforts to create something that will represent you well and bring you more business.

As an example – we write a brochure that has a phone number on it that leads potential buyers to an unattended voice mail box. (!)  Or the call to action on a brochure we build for you leads to a web page that is not interactive.

For the past two years, our services have been exclusively “members-only”

How does this benefit you?

  • We are selective. Our members are people who have a quality product or service that they stand behind. They go the extra mile for their customers.  They are people we choose to work with and represent.
  • We know our members very well.  We spend the time it takes to get to know their products, their people, their competition, and the regulatory issues and unique challenges of their business. When they need something from us, we won’t take up hours of their time asking questions or researching backgorund.  Our work is on-target from the start without taking up a lot of your time for each project.
  • Our members know that our time is reserved for them. We carefully control the members we select so that we have the capacity to handle whatever opportunities and issues may come up for you.
  • Reporters and editors at the aviation publications know our policy.  They know when they get something from us, it’s about a company we know and a product we are proud to stand behind.

Not a member?  Let’s get started! 

We have an introductory one-month trial membership available as part of our 747 Introductory Offer – but today (August 31, 2015)  is the last day!  Our busy season starts as we ramp up for NBAA in November.

Some of the folks who take us up on our Introductory Offer may be invited to become permanent members.

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