Aviation Marketing Hangar Flying – the Aviation Marketing Podcast!

Why did we start a new aviation podcast?

Two reasons:

  1. Because our clients and prospects are very busy people who need short, convenient information that gets results quickly.
  2. Because it’s our job to experiment with advertising methods and report our results back to you.

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aviation marketing Hangar Flying is an aviation podcast for the best sales and marketing professionals in the aviation industry.

You can’t learn to fly just from a book – you learn from other pilots who know the tools, the skills and the territory.

Your hosts, John and Paula Williams, share strategies, relevant examples, hacks, and how-tos. They also share interviews with the smartest people in the aviation industry. Everything in aviation marketing Hangar Flying is designed to dramatically improve your sales and marketing results without the embarrassing hype you’ll find in sales and marketing in other industries.

John and Paula Williams, aviation marketing Consultants, conduct and report on their sales and marketing experiments in the aviation industry.

In this first episode, they discuss why they are starting a podcast as a marketing experiment, and outline some of the things they’ll be talking about.  Other topics in the conversation:

  • Blogging versus podcasting as an advertising venue.
  • Why “random acts of marketing” are wasteful.
  • How everything is connected in a good marketing campaign.
  • The plague of customers expecting things for “free.”
  • Why an aviation marketing podcast