Aviation sales managers

Aviation sales managers struggle to find training that is concise, relevant to the industry, and fits into their plans.

One thing aviation marketing company ABCI has learned in many years of helping aviation companies make more sales is that there are not many “natural” salespeople in the industry. Aviation sales managers often wear many hats, and the salespeople in their departments often come from a non-sales background, or are sales professionals from a non-aviation background.

“I include myself in that category,” said Paula Williams, President of ABCI. “I love marketing, but there are some sales tasks that I know are necessary so I’ve done a ton of reading, training and practicing to become competent.”

John and Paula Williams, founders of ABCI, have become “connoisseurs of fine sales training” over the years. They’ve (individually or together) completed courses from the Pacific Institute, Century 21, the Equitable Life Assurance Sales Program, Sandler Sales and an EMBA program. And read hundreds of sales books.

“I have been struggling to find a training program for our clients,” said Paula Williams, noting that It’s vital to the  success of aviation companies to hire or develop well-trained, competent professional salespeople, but they’re hard to find.

Most of the sales training that exists has great material, but can also be time consuming and pricey for aviation sales managers.

And all of these programs seem to include a lot of material that is irrelevant, or even harmful, if it’s applied and practiced the wrong way in the aviation industry.

“We realized that what our clients needed most was something that doesn’t exist.” Said Williams. “So, with the help of industry experts, we’re creating it.”

ABCI has developed a survey and has requested responses from aviation industry sales managers. It includes questions about how they find and hire great entry-level salespeople, and which topics are most important to help them get up to speed quickly, without compromising their company’s image and good relationships in the process.

“Most of our clients have long sales cycles and very specific lists of prospects,” said Williams. “They can’t afford to lose any prospects to an awkward first impression while they’re breaking in a new salesperson. That’s why it’s really important to get this right.”

For more information about the Aviation Sales Course, or the Aviation Sales Manager Survey, visit https://aviationbusinessconsultants.com/SalesTraining