Aviation Brand Refresh

Great Brands Continually Reinvent Themselves

Is your current brand resonating with today’s customers?  Has your business (or the times!) changed so that your brand is no longer serving you as well as it could?

We can help.

Your brand is the code that sets you apart from the avalanche of information that hits your customers every day.

The average person is exposed to more than 5,000 ads per day!  How will they know which are yours in less than a second?

A Compelling Brand

Without the budget of a Coke or Nike.

You’ll need more than just a logo.

You need symbols that communicate your message in “shorthand” to your key prospects. Getting past that initial wall of suspicion and disbelief that consumers have acquired from years of exposure to bad advertising puts good companies at a disadvantage.

Consistency = reassurance.

Familiar symbols, colors and fonts help your customers place your communications in the “trusted” category – just as we keep choosing books by the same authors and movies with the same characters, humans crave familiarity.

A Brand Design Template provides that consistency, in a format you can share with contractors, printers, new employees and others to help you save time and cut down on the decisions you need to make each day.

Our program is designed to make this easy for you!

Here’s What You Get:

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  • An extensive consultation with you, and up to three key customers designed to tease out the key ideas of your product or company that resonate with customers.

  • A basic competitive analysis of other companies in your space

  • An evaluation of your current brand elements. (You’ll send us copies of all of your printed materials, we’ll look up all of your online materials.)

  • A new or refreshed logo. You will have several ideas to choose from, and our guidance in the pros and cons of each idea.

  • A new or refreshed tagline, slogan or mission that inspires your people and your company. This will be a collaborative process.

  • A completed Design Brief and guidelines on how to consistently use your new branding elements for maximum effect.

  • Your Investment – $3479

Schedule your Brand Refresh Kickoff Consultation!

Schedule your Brand Refresh Kickoff!

Let's get started building a powerful, relatable brand!

We start every new website project with a consultation to ensure we understand (and can meet or exceed) your expectations and priorities!

Pricing from $3479. Your new brand can be ready in two to four weeks. Additional services such as web sites, brochures, postcards available!

Schedule your Brand Refresh Kickoff Consultation!
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