Aviation Design Brief Template

How is branding different for aviation companies?  We have smaller, more specific sets of possible customers. We have exclusive products. And we don’t have the design budget of a Coke or Nike – although we’re expected to look that good!

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Carol Parks
Paula Williams is a marketing specialist extraordinaire for the aviation industry.   Shes an expert at marketing, and creating automated marketing funnels, online and email marketing, and so much more.  Today's marketers have so much clutter to fight, but Paula has done a great job of honing i specifically for the aviation industry.   If you're in that industry, you owe it to yourself to use her services. I highly recommend her as an aviation marketer.
Highly Recommended, Your Content Goes Here
Scott Patton
Having Paula Williams and TurboMarketing as our Marketing partner has proven to be the single most powerful strategic partnership that AeroStar Training Services could have entered into.   Paula's marketing skills and strategies have yielded tremendous returns for the AeroStar brand in teh A320 and B-737 NG type rating training market.  I would highly recommend Paula Williams and TurboMarketing to take your aviation company to the a higher flight level!
Strategic Partnership, AeroStar Training Services
Debbie Conroy
It was a pleasure working with Paula, she is a seasoned marketer as well as an aviation professional who provides excellent, responsive and valuable service, and she is very easy to work with.
Responsive & Valuable Service, BaseWest
David Santo 150
The thing that impressed me most about ABCI is that they took the time to diagnose and really listen to our needs and figure out what we needed before recommending a solution.
David Santo, AeroStar Training Services
Randon Russell
Paula is very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to ensure her clients achieve their online marketing.
Randon Russell, Randon Aviation
Taylor Greenwood, Aviation Photographer
I hired Paula as a business consultant for my aviation photography.  SHe has a wealth of knowledge that I feel is unmatched in her field.   I have seen my businesss grow into something that my thoughts couldn't even concieve a year ago.  The credibility that her work has given my business is wonderful and I couldn't be happier. I am truly grateful for everything she has done for my business and her continuous hard work.
Taylor Greenwood, Taylor Greenwood Corporate Aviation Photography
Brad McAllister
Paula is an incisive speaker who demonstrates proficient knowledge in both aviation business and electronic marketing.  She is engaging, articulate, and most importantly, she is genuine.   I look forward to working with Paula in the future and continuing to learn from her how to best utilize the time and effort I put into my social media initiatives.
Brad McAlliseter, AirIT
Jerome Abregana, Project manager
Paula is an effective and organized consultant.  Her success is due to her impeccable communication and organization skills.  I very much look forward to working with her again.
Jerome Abregana, Wells Fargo
Gene Clow
The Marketing Master Class is worth every penny.
Gene Clow, Great Circle Aircraft
Kathryn Creedy - Aviation Journalist
I've done a lot of these programs, this one is the best.
Kathryn Creedy, Aviation Writer/Editor
Larry Hinebaugh
Before we started with ABCI, we were limited to word of mouth and that worked because VIP aviation is a very small industry.   But I knew we needed something more, and I was very happy with the ideas they developed.
Larry Hinebaugh, Founder, V-Log
Rachel Vocelka
It's good information and it's easy to see if this is a topic I need to forward to my team.
Rachel Vocelka, Apex Inspections Incorporated
Stacy Honda
We've gotten a lot more fans and followers since we started using the Hash Tag Guide from ABCI
Stacy Honda, Universal Avionics
Doug Goldstrom
I like the interaction.  You've got people that are experts in certain aspects of aviation. You can utilize those expert opinions to gain ore information, to gain expertise and advice on what you should do net.  And that's what i like most about the class. So you could be prospecting or working with sales leads, whatever it is, there's always great feedback. It's really a great resource for finding things out.
Doug Goldstrom, Special Services Corporation
Pat Lemiuex, aviation marketing
It's great to see what others are doing, what they're trying. It's nice to be in an environment where you can not only share success stories but you can get feedback on why something didn't work so well. Then you talk to somebeody and they they say 'why don't you pivot this way' or' why don't you try this, or do it this way?'  'Why didn't you use this creative istead of this? '
Pat Lemiuex, C & L Aviation