ABCI Lead Capture Program

ABCI Lead Capture Program

If your website doesn’t capture leads, it should!

How do you stay in contact with potential clients who are not ready to make a buying decision immediately?

By offering something of value (usually a free report, white paper or consultation) you can ask for a customer’s contact information and then provide him with regular updates that build your reputation and his confidence in your company. Once you’ve captured a “lead,” you are in contact with a person who  you can provide with valuable, helpful information your prospective customer will look forward to.

Your list of leads is one of your company’s most valuable assets!

I’ve put it together in a package I offer my clients. We collaborate on a “premium” that would be of value to their potential customers (like a white paper or solution paper) The customer gets the premium for free in exchange for joining a newsletter list.

This assures interested leads because people who are interested enough in the topic of the white paper to take some action (sign up for the mailing list) are also people who will benefit from the newsletter on similar topics, and hence start developing a relationship. My client becomes a reliable, trusted source of information that has established their expertise on the subject, and the potential customer gets good information.

It’s a nice win-win.

The service I provide includes

  • Developing the “premium” (white paper or solution paper)
  • Providing a sign-up box on the client’s website
  • Planning (and sometimes ghostwriting) a monthly newsletter for the client to send to their “lead list.”

I use this method myself and have obtained four new contracts and 200+ leads in the last 3 months.

One of my clients that sells retail products has made 13 sales to new clients this month using this method (average sale price $191.53)

Contact me if you’d like more information!

-Paula Williams