Need an Aviation Marketing Speaker?

Need a speaker that can provide a fun and inspiring sales or marketing presentation or workshop?
Need a speaker? John and Paula Williams deliver dynamic sales and marketing keynotes and workshops
Paula and John Williams deliver dynamic, engaging keynotes, seminars and workshops on sales and marketing topics.

They specialize in aviation, but can customize a presentation for any business-to-business or high-tech sales and marketing situation. We deliver coaching and training for individuals and small groups and use innovative teaching methods, audience participation, world-class delivery technology, professionally-designed educational materials and post-session surveys to ensure that our presentations are top-notch.

If you need a speaker, call Paula at 702-987-1679 to talk about your group’s needs.

“Paula is an incisive speaker who demonstrates proficient knowledge in both aviation business and electronic marketing. She is engaging, articulate, and most importantly, she is genuine. I look forward to working with Paula in the future and continuing to learn from her how to best utilize the time and effort I put into my social media initiatives.”

Brad McAllister , Editor: Airport Business Magazine , Cygnus Business Media

Paula Williams


John and Paula – Education Session at NBAA Annual Convention – 2014

Need a speaker? John and Paula Williams deliver sales and marketing presentations for the

Sales Phobia Workshop – NBAA Annual Convention 2013, Las Vegas Nevada

Need a speaker?

Paula & John Williams Deliver Seminar – Time Management for Sales & Marketing Pros to Tooele County Board of Realtors, March 2013

Need a speaker? Photo from a Cygnus Aviation Expo Panel Discussion in March 2012 - A frequent question we're asked is "When Will the Industry 'Get Back to Normal?'"

Photo from a Cygnus Aviation Expo Panel Discussion in March 2012 – A frequent question we’re asked is “When Will the Industry ‘Get Back to Normal?'”

Need a speaker? Paula Williams speaking at the FSANA Conference, 2012

Paula Williams speaking on Social Media at the FSANA Conference, 2012

Needa speaker? NBAA convention

Jason Wolf, Jon Ostrower, Jay Mesinger, and Paula Williams discuss social media at NBAA

Sales and Marketing Workshops

Sales Success for “Accidental Salespeople”

Time Management for Sales & Marketing Teams

Combating Sales Phobia

Sales Topics

  • Effective Sales Presentations
  • Boosting Your Sales Productivity
  • Sales Accountability
  • Your Sales Process & Your Marketing System – Like Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Time Management for Sales Marketing Teams
  • In-Person Sales Presentations

Marketing Topics

  • Showing Rather than Telling – Using Infographs & Images
  • Story Boarding Your Marketing Campaigns
  • Creating Great Direct Mail  & Information Packages
  • Branding & Consistency Workshop
  • SEO
  • Fun, Games & Entertainment in Marketing – What Works & What’s Fluff
  • Qualifying Prospects- Determining Where to Spend Your Time and Resources
  • Capitalizing on Controversy Without Being A Jerk
  • Effective and Non-Awkward Networking for Sales
  • Doing Market Research – Where to Get Good Data
  • Podcasting as a Marketing Tool
  • Construction of a Marketing Funnel
  • Why Random Acts of Marketing Don’t Work
  • Statistics, Measurements & Return on Investment (ROI) for Marketing
  • Joint (Co-operative) Marketing Campaigns
  • Attractive “Packaging” For Your Product or Service
  • Effective Trade Show Campaigns
  • Investing in Marketing Content – Using Ebooks, Books & Articles
  • How to Know When You Need a Dedicated Salesperson/Staff
  • Direct Mail – The Power of Snail Mail
  • Branding!
  • Content Marketing – What the Heck Do I Write About?
  • Planning a Marketing Campaign
  • Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing
  • Using Video for Marketing
  • PR & Reputation Management
  • Planning a Marketing Calendar
  • The New Customer Process – Sales Doesn’t End with the Transaction
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Information Packages – How to Use Them, What Goes In Them, etc.
  • Working with the Press

 Customer Service Topics

  • Sales, Marketing & Customer Service – Where it All Comes Together
  • Providing Over-The-Top Customer Service
  • Underpromising and Overdelivering (Sales and Customer Service Partnership)
  • Customer Service as a Marketing Endeavor – Selling the NEXT product or service.