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Website Service Provider Checklist

When you’re in charge of marketing and sales for an FBO, your job is to get more people in the building and more planes  in your parking spaces, preferably queued up for gas, ground transportation and other services. Of course,  there are always some things you can control and some things you can’t. Here are eight things you CAN control that will make a big difference!

Website Service Provider Checklist

Now is a great time for aviation companies that offer charter services to ramp up their marketing. Fuel costs are lower.  Many people are holding on to their older planes rather than selling them.  Airline inconveniences are pushing consumers away from the airline experience. Here are the marketing activities we recommend specifically for charter companies.

Website Service Provider Checklist

Many aviation professionals get really frustrated with website service providers – because they don’t communicate well or set expectations clearly. This checklist should help you get a website that actually works for sales and marketing and provides the best value for your money!

Aviation Postcards

Press Releases have historically been the meat-and-potatoes of marketing and PR for the aviation industry. And yet many aviation companies struggle with coming up with great ideas for regular press releases. Here are 21 great ideas for NEWSWORTHY press releases to improve your visibility in the industry press!

Aviation Postcards

What is the most effective tool for prospecting in the aviation industry?  Of course there’s social media and other shiny new methods, but sometimes the best choice is to go old-school!   Learn how to make your prospecting postcards MUCH more effective with this quick checklist.

How is branding different for aviation companies?  We have smaller, more specific sets of possible customers. We have exclusive products. And we don’t have the design udget of a Coke or Nike – although we’re expected to look that good!

78% of decision makers research a salesperson online before they agree to accept a meeting. Does your LinkedIn profile do you justice?

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SEO Tips

Many sales professionals dread making sales calls. And many aviation executives dread receiving sales calls.

What’s often worse is when the caller seems unprepared.   Use our Sales Call Checklist, fifteen minutes and one sheet of paper before EVERY SINGLE sales call.  Your callers, and your sales numbers, will appreciate it!

Trade Shows are the traditional royalty of aviation marketing.  But they get more expensive and competitive every year!  Here’s how to make the most out of a trade show appearance.

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Getting lots of visitors to your website, but they’re not buying anything?  Here are 17 ways to further the relationship.

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Ways to get testimonials, ways to use testimonials Tip Sheet

You know that testimonials can be far more influential than any content you write about your own products or services.  But even HAPPY customers don’t always remember to provide testimonials. Most successful companies don’t get testimonials by accident, they employ one or more of these strategies.

SEO Tips

Five things you can do immediately to improve your search engine results, and fifteen places you can get aviation-specific links for more traffic!

Podcasting has been our biggest suprise this year – benefits include prospecting new ground via iTunes and Stitcher, improved credibility, more referrals, and better SEO!  Find out how to sell more aviation-related products and services by hosting your own podcast.

Investing in an advertisement is a gamble, unless you consider proven tactics to make your ad more effective!  Keep this tip sheet handy and consider these seven points EVERY TIME you consider publishing an ad in a publication or sending out an email broadcast.

Pricing Strategies

It can be hard to determmine how to set the best possible price.

Are you leaving money on the table? (Or worse – damaging your brand with sub-premium pricing?)
Are you scaring potential customers away with sticker shock?
Or is your price just right?

Our tip sheet will help you find out!

Aviation industry decision makers are busy people. It’s hard to get their attention long enough to explain a complex product.   But you can get their attention, and use it more productively, by creating visual information they can understand easily!

aviation marketing budget

Many people hesitate to create a budget for marketing – some because they feel they’d be “locked in” to it, others because they simply don’t know how to put it together.  We think having a plan gives you MORE power and MORE options, not less.  And our worksheet makes it easy to get started.