Scared of working with a ghostwriter?  Don't be!

Scared of working with a ghostwriter? Don't be!

Where do you think CEOs, politicians and busy businesspeople find the time to write all of their blogs, tweets, speeches, presentations and  letters?

The secret – they don’t!

They have ghostwriters!

A ghostwriter is someone that they trust to do the research and writing for them confidentially.

A good ghostwriter is one of your best allies in marketing, PR and advertising. Establishing yourself as an expert in any given field may require public speaking, writing a blog, writing articles, posting to social media channels and other activities.
The important things to remember about working with a ghostwriter:

  • Your ghostwriter should be able to write in a style compatible with your own.
  • His or her research and facts should be impeccable (if you have to re-check everything, it doesn’t save you much time.)
  • He or she should deliver finished work on time. Every time.
  • He or she should know he industry and the vocabulary. (We speak aviation, finance, software and business.)
  • You should be able to trust in their confidentiality (and have written agreements in place.)

Other than the confidentiality and style of the finished writing (which has to sound like something the client would say or write)  the process of ghostwriting is much the same as any collaborative writing process.  The process depends very much on the client’s needs, abilities, and work style.

On one end of the scale, I outline an editorial schedule and project management and editing services to produce a deliverable, such as a book. The client does pretty much all of the writing.  I manage the publishing process (getting ISBN number, library of congress number, etc.) and subcontract the cover design.

In another example, I do all of the planning, writing, and production. The client simply reviews and endorses the material as his own.

Most of the ghostwriting I do falls somewhere between those two extremes, depending on the client’s preferences.

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