ABCI New Client Process

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If you haven’t worked with a marketing consultant before, or even if you have, you might feel more comfortable knowing exactly what happens when you contact ABCI for assistance with selling your product or service.

The first thing that you should know is that we are a full-service marketing firm, but we’re intentionally very small. This ensures that we have absolute control over the quality of every project. Unfortunately, it also means that we have to be very selective about how we spend our time.

The process at right ensures that we make the best use of our time, and more importantly, the best use of YOUR time. Years of trial and error have taught us that this is the fastest and most efficient way to exchange information in a way that gets us moving quickly in the right direction.

For the first step, write or call us and request our New Client Questionnaire. This is a 10-page document that isn’t easy or trivial to fill out, (it takes an hour or two to do it properly)  but we’re told that even the process of completing it is quite helpful in defining marketing and business priorities and needs, and in focusing our attention where it will do the most good. Your responses are confidential, of course.

We ask you to make the first investment in time and thought because we invest quite a bit of our time (our most valuable asset) when you’ve done it.

When you return the Questionnaire to us, we review your responses, research your market and your competitors, and complete a custom Recommendations Packet for you.  The Packet will include a basic marketing blueprint and competitive analysis, as well as marketing options with pricing appropriate to your circumstances.  This set of recommendations will be very valuable to your company, whether you pursue the ideas on your own, or whether we choose to work together on some of them.

After you’ve had a few days to review your recommendations, we schedule a call (usually one hour) to discuss the recommendations with you and answer any questions you may have.

If we decide to work together, we agree on terms (including roles, responsibilities, schedule and fees.)  Then, we move forward and deliver on our promises.

All of our full-service, and self-service SEO clients are on the first page of Google results for their chosen keywords within 90 days of starting with us. All of our clients have a dramatic increase in their website traffic, and in the number of qualified leads their salespeople have to follow up on.  All of them have had increases in online sales.

If we decide to move forward together, we guarantee that you will be pleased with the results.

There is no obligation except for time on your part to have the opportunity to fill out the questionnaire, receive the recommendations, and have a great conversation with us. If you are serious about dramatically increasing the number of qualified leads available to your salespeople or the number of sales for your product or service, why not get started today?

Email me – Paula @ AviationBusinessConsultants . com (remove spaces) today and ask for our New Client Questionnaire. You’ll be surprised how much your marketing could improve this month!

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