guerilla marketingJay Conrad Levinson’s Guerilla Marketing is now in its fourth edition. It’s one of my favorite marketing books because it starts from the assumption that you have more creativity than money. Whether or not that’s true, it opens up a lot of possibilities that break through the traditional barriers that keep big businesses big and small businesses small.

This particular section is so important that I’m devoting a series of articles to it – Jay’s Sixteen Monumental Secrets of Guerilla Marketing.

Here they are:

  1. Your task: to make prospects confident in you.
  2. Your secret weapon: commitment to your plan
  3. Your personality: patient
  4. Your marketing:  an assortment of at least twenty weapons
  5. Your format: the spirit of consistency
  6. Your finances: some wise investment in marketing
  7. Your energy: apparent prior to and subsequent to the sale
  8. Your operation: convenient to customers
  9. Your creative message : one that leaves readers in amazement
  10. Your unglamorous but extremely profitable chore: measurement of who your customers are and where the heck they heard of you
  11. Your relationship with customers: one of involvement with them
  12. Your relationship with other businesses: dependent on one another for mutual profitability
  13. Your arsenal for marketing: brimming with the armament of guerillas – easy-to-use technology
  14. The goal of your marketing: to gain consent from your prospects and customers to receive more marketing materials from you
  15. The reason people continue to visit your web site or shop at your store: lush content, loaded with good ideas that fire their imagination
  16. Your constant and never-ending task: to augment your marketing arsenal understanding, and prowess, leaving your competitors shuddering at the very mention of your name.

These “secrets” have become basics, and many sophisticated businesspeople have heard this list and feel that they already know and implement these items.  But almost every business that is failing to meet its sales objectives is missing one or (more often)  quite a few of these secrets, or are not implementing them to the best of their ability.

We’ll dive into this list with real-life examples from our marketing consulting practice and show you how you can better implement them, one week at a time.

Let me know if you have any great ideas or examples to help with our illustrations!

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