AeroStar provides answers and solutions to students seeking advanced flight training.

September 13, 2011 – AeroStar Training Services LLC today announced new services for students with aspirations to be an airline captain or first officer.

“The career path for aviation students has changed,” indicated Deidra Toye, the Admissions Director at Aerostar.  “Aspiring airline captains used to work for years as flight instructors or charter services to build up time. Airlines worldwide are looking for qualified pilots with type ratings. With this new approach, you might as well get paid while you build time in type.”


“We know our students are better positioned than anybody to weather the recession and to have great careers for many years to come, doing something that many of them have been passionate about since they were small children.”  Said Scott Patton, AeroStar Director of Sales.


To assist students with their career decisions, AeroStar is offering a free ebook – Five Tough Questions You Should Ask Before Investing in Flight Training. The book is available for download from their website,  Their newly renovated website includes a blog and social media presences. Visitors are welcome to ask questions about flight training, careers and related topics.


AeroStar Training Services is an FAA approved Part 142 Training Center specializing in pilot and flight attendant training while using the latest advances in aviation training technology.
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