Whether you’re a long-time client, a new member, a casual reader of our articles, or just follow us on social media, we thought we’d take the opportunity of the Thanksgiving holiday to say, “Thank you”  – for one or many of the reasons below:

  • Because you work in aviation, making the field better and more vibrant with your ideas and efforts.
  • Because you’re doing what you can to improve the industry and economy, which helps everyone.
  • Because you care about sales and marketing, and the reputation of one or both of those professions (we can use all the GOOD people we can get!)
  • Because you do the hard work of applying some of our ideas to make more sales, more happy customers, and more revenue.
  • Because your work allows more people to work in this remarkable (and sometimes remarkably challenging)  industry, better service to be delivered, and more amazing things to be invented and perfected.